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Can you name the Players of ESPN's first Cross-Sport Power Rankings?

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The King is averaging almost a triple-double per game in his first-round series against the Bulls. That's right, averaging a triple-double. For that, our panel had no choice but to
The Thunder's go-to guy is putting up 26.8 points and almost 10 rebounds per game in the first round of the playoffs. Oh, and did we mention he's doing this all against the reignin
_____ ___ _____ made sure the Senators didn't see past Round 1, leading his team to a 4-2 series win and scoring 14 points in the process. A top-3 spot had his name all over it.
Fantasy owners, brace yourself for this: 4-0 record, 28 strikeouts, WHIP of 0.88, ERA of 0.82. We're sorry, Blue Jays fans, we're sorry.
So what if he hasn't played a game in four months? _____'s being picked in the first round was the talk of the draft, even overshadowing the No. 1 pick. As Dana Jacobson said, if t
Netting 46 points in Game 4 against the Celtics? Single-handedly saving your team from an embarrassing sweep? Shooting so well that you have to tell your hand about it? Yeah, that'
_____ averaged eight K's in winning his initial four starts, and the Giants beat the Cardinals 4-1 on Friday night to end a four-game losing streak.
The Man of Steel has shown more shades of Clark Kent than Superman in his playoff series against the Bobcats, averaging just 9.8 points and 9.3 rebounds. Still, you can't overlook
He's nicknamed The Machine for a reason: 17 RBIs, 7 home runs and a .311 batting average in his first three weeks of the season. It's really no wonder he's the third MLB player to
_____ at No. 10? Well, in Game 4 of the Lakers-Thunder series, _____ scored a measly 12 points. That was his lowest-scoring playoff game since June 10, 2004, in the NBA Finals.
ESPN QuotePlayerTeam
_____ has five goals over the past five games, but he's more concerned about closing out the series versus the Canadiens in Game 7.
The pitcher with the best ERA in baseball is …_____? It's true. With a 0.69 ERA, 4-0 record and a 24-inning scoreless streak on his hands, DJ Gallo is already calling him one of
The Flyers' goalie leads all netminders in the playoffs with a 1.59 GAA. In the series against the Devils, _____ turned back 126 of 134 shots to help the Flyers advance to the seco
Chris Paul who? _____ is the point guard du jour, putting up four straight double-doubles against the Nuggets and leading the Jazz to a commanding 3-1 series lead over Denver.
He's silent, but often deadly. The 12-year NBA vet cruises into the No. 15 spot with numbers that are anything but decrepit, averaging 20.3 points and 10.3 rebounds against the Mav
Be selected first in the NFL draft and what do you get? A ranking 10 spots lower than _____. Still, a nod is a nod, and the panel thought the Rams rookie deserved one for beating o
Clearly, age ain't nothing but a number. _____ already has four homers and an on-base percentage that would make any MLB GM salivate. So much for the rookie jitters.
This kid can hit. Batting .382 with an on-base percentage of .450 is enough to make any non-Twins fan jealous of the game's best catcher. He also went 5-for-6 against the Royals in
Do his Game 4 stats even matter? When you come back just eight days after having arthroscopic knee surgery and motivate your team enough to even up a series, it's enough to crack t
_____ led the Canucks to a 4-2 victory over the L.A. Kings in Game 6 when he scored the tiebreaking goal with 2:03 to play. Hello, second round!

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