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Can you name the thins that start with '0'?

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Hint'o' word
Disney movie made in 1988
Clothing store found in any mall
Rachel Ray call it: extra virgin.....
Oklahoma City is the capital of this U.S. state
This Asian country is the only world country that begins with an O
The 44th president of the United States
Terrorist who plan the 9/11 attacks
Band who sings ' Acoording to you'
The last name of the Full house twins
Hint'o' word
First woman to serve in the supreme court
The real name of Cristina on Grey's Anatomy
Japanese art; a famous one is the crane
Television news anchor; when you watch him you are entering a 'no spin zone'
Movie about robbing a casino; has a bunch of famous actors; the first movie
Retired American Football player who was charged for murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and then later arrested for kidnapping
Khloe Kardashian's husband; LA Lakers player
A fatty acid that is essential to growth and development; can be found in fish oil

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