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QUIZ: Can you name the trivia in The God of Small Things Trivia

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Where is this taking place?
Who wrote this book?
What are the twins' names?
What is Baby Kochamma's real name?
What is Mammachi's real name?
What is the nearest town to Ayemenem?
What is the nearest (large) city to Ayemenem?
What animal serves as trashcan/dustbin at Cochin Airport?
Who is Kochu Maria?
What is a soo-soo?
Estha wears what kind of shoes?
What is the traditional men's dress of Kerala?
Who molested Estha?
What do clerks do, according to Ammu?
Who is Chacko?
Which music star does Esthappen idolize?
What is the traditional Keralite temple dance called?

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