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What is Raj's middle name? (S2 E21)
Who is Raj's cousin? (S3 E17)
What prompted Sheldon to moon the audience? (S3 E18)
What does Sheldon ultimately do when Leonard is ready to take him to the hospital for 'suspected' appendicitis? (S4 E2)
How does Sheldon describe one of his cats? (S4 E3)
Zack attempts to impress Kripke and ------ with a dirty story. (S4 E17)
How does Sheldon punish Amy? (S6 E10)
What weird thing do Howard and Raj do in front of Bernadette? (S7 E2)
What irritated Leonard's skin in S7 E8?
Why can't Mrs. Wolowitz cook on Thanksgiving? (S7 E9)

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