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QUIZ: Can you name the battles of the world by the countries involved, and by which country won?

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Triple Alliance vs SpainMay 26th - August 13th 1521 AD
Fatmid Caliphate vs *First Crusade7th June - 15th July 1099 AD
Paurava vs *Macedonian EmpireMay 326 BC
Nazi Germany vs *Allied Powers6th June 1944 AD
Mongol Empire vs *Malmuk Sultanate3rd September 1260 AD
*Zhao State vs Qin State233 BC
*Prussia vs France5th November 1757 AD
Russia vs *Allied Forces17th September 1854 - 19th October 1855 AD
*Athens vs Achaemenid Empire August/September 490 BC
United States vs *United KingdomJune 17th 1775 AD
South Vietnam vs *North VietnamApril 30th 1975 AD
Mughal Empire vs *United Kingdom23rd June 1757 AD
*Ottoman Empire vs Allied Powers25th April 1915- 9th January 1916 AD
Iraq vs *United StatesApril 3rd - April 12th 2003 AD
United Kingdom vs *United States28th September - 19th October 1781 AD
Roman Republic vs *Carthage2nd August 216 BC
*Byzantine Empire vs Sassanid Empire530 AD
Empire of Japan vs *United States19th February - 26th March 1945 AD
*Soviet Union vs Nazi Germany23rd August 1941- 2nd February 1943 AD
*Seventh Coalition vs French Empire18th June 1815 AD
Carthage vs *Roman Republic19th October 202 BC
German Empire vs *Allied Powers1st July - 18th November 1916 AD
*French Empire vs Third Coalition2nd December 1805 AD
*United States vs Confederate StatesJuly 1st - July 3rd 1863 AD
England vs *Normandy14th October 1066 AD
Roman Empire vs *Germanic TribesSeptember 9 AD
France vs *England25th October 1415 AD
*United Kingdom vs Nazi Germany10th July - 31st October 1940 AD
*Tokugawa Shogonate vs Toyotomi ClanMay - June 1615AD
Crusader States vs *Malmuk Sultanate4th April - 18th May 1291 AD

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