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PIN PIN! 50 questions on Russell Brand radio shows, from BBC 6 Music, BBC Radio 2, Audioboom and XFM.

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When Matt and Russ needed an excuse to get tin foil, what did they tell the hotel staff it was for?
How did Russ try and play down being made to wear his mum’s trainers?
Name a theme from the Radio 6 shows
That’s why there are people called things like Bo Peep’ – which long-named person was Russ reffering to?
How did the vicar react when he found Trevor’s drowned mice?
What did Sue Morgan, mother of Matthew, think ‘Because I Got High’ was called?
According to the jingle, where can you put manpons?
What does the Tibetan Book of the Dead, according to Russ, say the year of the fire pig is?
How did Matt suggest getting rid of Niall and Lank’s horny pigeons?
What did Matt joke that Russ and Mikey could do instead of surfing?
What did Jonathan Ross bellow when he farted?
Who did Russ describe as ‘completely without artifice’?
What did Matt say upon receiving his qualification?
What did Russ do to cause Zippy to hang up?
What nickname to do with an ‘80s weirdo’ was Russ worried would catch on in the tabloids?
What did Matt call Russ when he got new booties?
Who said ‘I don’t perform. Seals perform'?
What disrupted a rehab session, as also described in the Booky Wook?
What was Lionel the Cab Driver told he should have bought his colleague, instead of a book about animal shagging?
What did Russ do when there was no porn in his hotel, rather than just ask for it?
What questionable shampoo does Matt use?
Who ‘arrived’ when Matt put the Blu Tack on him?
What did Matt want to happen to Richard Dawkins?
Name a regular non celebrity guest/emailer from the 2006-ish era
What does Slavoj Zizek keep in his knife and fork drawer?
Which of these is NOT a nickname for Russell's penis? a. Robert Longfellow b. Captain Nesbitt c. Snoopy boots d. Storm in a teacup
What was the name of the dog who Matt did a tassel waggle on?
Which director does Matt refer to as Ol' Chillybum?
What flavour was the soup that Russell threw over a daily mail journalist?
Which civil rights activist does Russell do an impression of in an Audiobook show?
What nearly got Matt in trouble with his doctor?
What company was the first to sponsor the Audioboom podcasts?
Which cartoon villain does Matt compare to a penis?
What was the name of the man that Russell allegedly hit with his car?
Who did Russell rent his LA mansion from
According to Russ, how do you take a vagina out of context?
What secret did Matt uncover in the Molly Dineen documentary The Ark?
Who was the first celebrity guest on the Audioboom podcasts?
What was the first theme song sung on the Audioboom podcasts?
What was the largest animal Matt said he could cling-film to a lamppost?
What, according to Matt, will be on Russell's tombstone?
What language, according to Matt, do people speak in Belgium?
What happened to Matt when he was being an avon lady?
What did Paul McKenna say was more likely than being in a plane crash?
Aside from staying in Halls of Residence with Public Enemy, who did Matt joke Sissons went to kindergarten with?
Name a regular item
What did Trevor do as a boy, that gave him an odd pain at exactly 8pm?
Matt broke our hearts by failing to break the banana record, but which record did Russ also attempt?
Who was the final ever co host?
What's the name of the cult dedicated to Matt Morgan

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