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Can you name the Name the leaders in these famous battles?

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Battle/YearLeaderForce They Lead
Marathon - 490 B.C.Greek Army (Coalition of Athenians and Plataean)
Marathon - 490 B.C.Persian Army (Multi-Ethnic) (There are two leaders.))
Thermopylae - 480 B.C.Greek Army (Coalition of Greek City-States)
Thermopylae - 480 B.C.Persian Army (Multi-Ethnic)
Gaugamela - 331 B.C.Greek/Macedonian Army
Gaugamela - 331 B.C.Persian Army (Multi-Ethnic
Cannae - 216 B.C.Carthaginian Army
Cannae - 216 B.C.Roman Army (There are two leaders.)
Alesia - 52 B.C.Roman Army
Alesia - 52 B.C.Gallic Army
Adrianople - c. 378Roman Army
Adrianople - c. 378Gothic Army
Tours/Poitiers - c. 732Frankish Army
Tours/Poitiers - c. 732Muslim Moorish Army
Hastings - 1066Norman Army
Hastings - 1066Anglo-Saxon Army
Hattin - 1187Crusader Army
Hattin - 1187Seljuk Turkish Army
Agincourt - 1415English Army
Agincourt - 1415French Army
Constantinople - 1453Ottoman Army
Battle/YearLeaderForce They Lead
Constantinople - 1453Christian/Greek/Italian Army
The Great Armada/The Spanish Armada - 1588Spanish Armada
The Great Armada/The Spanish Armada - 1588English Fleet
Saratoga - 1777British Army
Saratoga - 1777Continental Army
Trafalgar - 1805Combined Franco-Spanish Fleet
Trafalgar - 1805British Fleet
Austerlitz - 1805French Army
Austerlitz - 1805Imperial Russian Army and Austrian Army (There are two leaders.)
Waterloo - 1815French Armee du Nord
Waterloo - 1815Anglo-Netherlandish Army and Prussian Army (There are two leaders.)
Antietam - 1862Confederate Army of Northern Virginia
Antietam - 1862Union Army of the Potomac
Gettysburg - 1863Confederate Army of Northern Virginia
Gettysburg - 1863Union Army of the Potomac
Verdun - 1916French Second Army
Verdun - 1916German Fifth Army
Stalingrad - 1942German Sixth Army
Stalingrad - 1942Soviet Sixty-Second Army
Normandy - 1944American, British, Canadian, and French Armies
Normandy - 1944German Army Group B

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