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QUIZ: Can you name the film from the one line plot summary?

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The Boy Who Never Grows Up grows up.
Professor of Archeology is hired by the government to find a religious relic.
A small alien communicates with his own species with the help of a small boy.
A young wizard learns the truth about his godfather
The stars of a TV series set in space are mistaken for real astronauts and called on to help an alien race.
In order to save their houses, a gang of friends go hunting for the hidden treasure of a cyclops pirate
A boy, his girlfriend, and his best friend skip high school for the day.
Origin story of The Caped Crusader.
Lots of puppies need rescuing from a fur-obsessed villain.
A princess calls for help from a former knight to destroy her enemy's headquarters.
A ship's maiden voyage ends in tragedy.
A robot is sent back in time to kill the mother of the leader of the future resistance.
A pirate crew hunts down the gold that cursed them.
Reporters try to work out what the last words of a tycoon meant.
Soldiers head to Cambodia in an attempt to assassinate a rogue colonel.
The leader of the mafia transfers control to his son.
A woman on the run checks in to a motel run by a strange man and his domineering mother.
Set in Poland during WW2, an employer becomes concerned for the fate of his Jewish workforce.
A girl and her new friends go on a quest to find the one man who they believe can help them.
A criminal in a mental institution causes a rebellion against the oppressive nurse.
Two youngsters from rival New York gangs fall in love, but is it going to end in tragedy?
An angel is sent to help a suicidal man see what his life would have been like had he never been born.
When a general's family is murdered, he comes to Rome to seek revenge.
A small-time boxer gets the chance to fight the heavyweight champion.
A New England beach community is terrorised by a great white shark.

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