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Clue4 Letter Word
[FIRST RUNG] The Street They Both Live On
'You're not going anywhere ____ ..... ____? Eddie! You've killed him!'
Eddie: What? A ___ pumpkin or a ___ banana?
A small amount, like in Richie's trousers.
Small Woodland Creature that looks a bit like Eddie
The Stuff in Eddie's Yoghurt (American Spelling)
There's black, _____, union jack and leopard skin. Which do you think's the most romantic?
A great word to describe Bottom
Sad Ken did the opposite of this
'I've got a good mind to take my ____ to you, you trollop!'
This happened to Richie's Poker
World Ranger Storm-Buster IV
Chef has a violent one of these at Richie for not paying him
Richie did this to Amal, trying to sell him a gas man
______! 'H-hh-hhhhh..' ____! 'Hhh-hh-h hello? Look, who is this? Just don't hurt the kid, okay?'
[LAST RUNG] See first clue

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