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Can you name the Mineral Deposit Rock or Mineral Names?

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Moh's Hardness Minerals
silky earthy feel, fingernail scratch 
conchoidal fracture, any color 
waxy, fingernail scratch, 1D 
no streak, blue, h=8* 
red, chalky looking, dark red striations* 
brown, barrel shaped, very hard 
multi colors, barely scratch glass 
blue, h=5 
Igneous Minerals
no luster, consolidated sheets, h=2.5 
any color, striations down sides, luster 
fibrous, 2D clevage, long crystals 
irregular shape, 86 degree clevage 
very sheety, luster, peels easily 
very fibrous, dark color, black flakes come off 
yellow/purple, rubbing leaves glitter, shiny in light 
90 degree clevage, dark color, blocky 
Igneous Rocks
heavy with big holes 
glassy, conchoidal, black 
very light, holes 
white pink and black, small crystals 
looks like marble, large grain 
large shining crystals, black color 
fine grain with large crystals, shines in light 
dark color, very fine grain, olivine crystals 
olivine rock 
pink with large crystals 
salt n peper 
Oxide/sulfide Minerals
golden luster, blocky 
heavy, shiny, looks like lead 
red-brown streak 
conchoidal, no luster 
Hydrothermal Minerals
waxy, black, conchoidal 
1D, greenish grey, foliated on sides 
scratch first then acid fizz 
earthy, chalk, very white 
dense, very sparkly 
radiating crystals, fossils, soft 
grey pink, desert roses 
Sedimentary Rocks
lighter, grainy feel 
angular piece of rock 
layered, black, 1D 
rounded rocks in it 
lick test 
hard, looks like limestone 
Metamorphic Minerals
write on your hand 
grey with blue crystals, gold pieces 
heavy, rounded, luster 
white with black specs, grainy 
light weight, rusty, sandy feel 
Metamorphic Rocks
green grey, looks like slate 
scratch to fizz, crystaline 
noise when struck 
gold crystals, foliated, flaky 
heavy, large dark and light bands 
sand cemented together, small crystals 
looks like mulch 
lowest rank coal, brown/black 
some luster, black  
very shiny, conchoidal 

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