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In Marquesas, who dubbed themselves 'The Godfather of Survivor'?
In Pearl Islands, which castaway plotted to sabotage the camp when they suspected they were the next to go?
How many players have been medivac'd?
In Gabon, who at the auction bought a plate of cookies for the tribe, then asked Jeff if he could throw them on the ground and stomp on them?
Which two Survivors have won the most immunity challenges in a row (five)?
In The Australian Outback, which member of Ogakor went to get the treemail that informed them of Michael's medivac?
In Palau, who was the only member of Koror that did not make the merge?
In Vanuatu, which female castaway was described by both herself and the other players as being 'one of the guys'?
In Heroes vs. Villains, which castaway was described by a tribemate as 'The Hobbit on crack'?
How many people have played the game Survivor?
In Tocantins, who, in their confessional when voting for Coach, said, 'Dragon Slayed'?
Which Survivor won the audience favorite poll for their season by the widest margin?
In Africa, who 'won' an Immunity Challenge that, after the show had aired, was determined to not have been over yet?
In Guatemala, which castaway claimed that the first words spoken to them upon reaching camp were 'You have A.D.D.'?
In All-Stars, which previous season had the most representation?
In Exile Island, which castaway, in a heated argument regarding the rules of a challenge, who randomly accused Terry Deitz of being sexist?
In Micronesia: Fans vs. Favorites, who replied with the words 'I don't care' after a tribemate had informed them that they had hurt their head during a challenge?
In Borneo, which Survivor pretended to burst into uncontrollable tears after being voted out?
Who is the only former Survivor who has passed away?
In All-Stars, what did Big Tom Buchanan suggest that Shii Ann Huang was making an alliance with after trying everyone else?
At America's Tribal Council, who won the away for Best Villain?
In Samoa, whose socks did Russell Hantz burn on the first night (an action that was angrilly brought up at the Reunion)?
In Exile Island, which castaway accidentally hit another castaway the the machete, causing them to lose part of a tooth?
In Cook Islands, who was the only member of the original Puka Puka (Asians) tribe to not make it to at least the Jury phase?
In The Amazon, which female castaway did the males vote as the hottest?
In China, which castaway became the first Survivor ever to try to play a fake Hidden Immunity Idol?
In Gabon, which castaway's accent had inconsistencies, causing both players and viewers to believe it was fake?
In Thailand, which castway grabbed Clay by the throat and threw him into the lake during a challenge?
Which Survivor is said to have played a 'perfect game,' having won a unanimous Jury vote, never having had a vote cast against them, and winning the audience favorite poll?
What is the losingest tribe in Survivor history?
Mystery answer, let's see if you can get it without a clue

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