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Can you name the words and names found in the mystery country's name?

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The Mystery Country whose name contains the letters to make all of the answers in this quiz
Unusually large person
What some might do at the sight of blood
To become entangled
What George Michael says you've got to have
Talladega ______
Present or offering
'Take on me' band
Hard working insect
Male deer
Struck with amazement
Biting insect
Evil spirit or viscious person
Drive_____, fictional rock band from Lost
Plenty more ____ in the sea
Disney Film starring Mickey Mouse
Fasten a painting to a wall
Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino
Ting _____, band
Precedes septic, bodies and biotics to form 3 words
Lead singer of The Police
______ Friel, actress
To annoy with persistent demands
The Twilight ____
Result of cutting something into nine pieces
______ Club, film
Tree or cinder
Glossy fabric
The end is ____, apocalypse warning
An acute sense of anxiety
To change gears
___ and tonic
Visual perception
Continent of Brunei and Laos
Vampire teeth
Blemish or discoloration

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