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Who does Michael find out is having an affair?
Who helps Toby investigate a fraudulent medical claim?
Who talks Pam into 'investing' $100?
Who does Pam have to take to the hospital on the night before her wedding?
Michael thinks a insurance salesmen is part of what?
Dwight hides his listening device where?
Who gets the video of Michael falling in the Koi Pond?
How old is Helene?
What does Dwight teach the office?
Who does Michael text to come up to executive suite?
Who goes with Michael to the school?
Who does Michael call during the Christmas party?
Who is the voice of Computron?
What does David Wallace invent?
What celebrity narrates the Sabre video
What brand of cigarettes does Michael mention?
What does Michael say Joe Camel looks like?
Who does Pam share meals with?
Who does Michael setup Kevin with?
What's the name of Pam's friend who visits her at the hospital?
What does Dwight discover in Jim and Pam's kitchen?
Who is Michael supposed to meet at the bar?
What ends up getting thrown in the trash?
What is the name of the warehouse worker that Oscar likes?
What is the name of the manager who asks Michael to get off a pool table?
What does Michael put on that turns him into 'Date Mike'?
Oscar makes a video putting Kevin's voice to who?
Who tells Erin that Andy was engaged to Angela?
Who gets into Sabre's minority program?
Who tries to suspend Jim and Pam?
Who videos Andy's printer experiment?
Where does Dwight meet Michael's girlfriend Donna?
What sport does Donna's husband coach?
Where does Michael meet with Pam, Darryl and Kelly?
Who vandalizes their own car?
What does Andy make to help Michael spy on David and Jim?
Where do Jim and Pam actually get married?
What is Andy's disguised as when they meet with the insurance salesman?
What does Dwight bring into the office for everyone?
Dwight offers everyone jobs as what?
What does Michael promise a group of kids?
What does he give them instead?
Who sits on Michael's lap?
What is Sabre's CEO's name?
Who is the initial Whistleblower?
The office works overtime on what holiday?
What rumor does Michael spread about himself?
Who sabatoges the Employee of the Month contest?
Who does Dwight tell the banker he is at first?
Who tells Jim and Pam where they can rest?

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