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DescriptionCard NameClass
Your hero power becomes Deal 2 damagePriest
Eat a murloc, gain +2/+2Neutral
Costs 1 less for the damage you takeNeutral
Deal 1 damage for each armor you haveWarrior
Destroy all minionsWarlock
Your hero is immune while attackingHunter
Deal 10 damageMage
At the start of your turn, destroy all minionsNeutral
Costs 1 less for each other minionNeutral
Draw 2 cards OR gain 5 healthDruid
Windfury, overload (2)Shaman
Summon a minion from your opponent's deckPriest
+3/+3 for eating divine shieldsNeutral
Combo: Return a minion to the owner's handRogue
The next spell you cast costs 3 lessRogue
Destroy all minions except oneWarrior
Attacking a minion costs 1 attackWarrior
Draw a card, it costs 3 lessShaman
+5 attack OR +5 heatlh and TauntDruid
DescriptionCard NameClass
Give minions +1/+1, lose 1 durabilityPaladin
Take control of enemy minion with low attackPriest
Summon 3 2/2 Treants with ChargeDruid
All murlocs have +2/+1Neutral
Stealth, destroy minions damaged by this minionRogue
Give a Beast +2 attack and ImmuneHunter
Deal 2 damage, summon a demonWarlock
Deal 8 damage randomly splitPaladin
Restore 8 health, draw 3 cardsPaladin
Destroy a minion with 7 attack or moreNeutral
Deal 5 damage to your heroWarlock
When a minion is attacked, summon 3 1/1 snakesHunter
Your other pirates have +1/+1Neutral
Taunt, overload (3)Shaman
Put a random pirate in your handNeutral
Copy a minionNeutral
Summon a 1/3 as the target of a spellMage
When you take fatal damage, become immuneMage

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