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Forced Order
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LyricSong TitleAlbum
You mesmerize me slowly 'til I can't believe my eyesPainkiller
Seek him here, seek him on the highwayHell Bent For Leather
Well, I've said it before and I'll say it againPoint Of Entry
Mercenary battalions are poised to strike us downSad Wings Of Destiny
Storm warning, but there's no fearPainkiller
I've done my share of workin' outPoint Of Entry
I will take your final breath and I will be your last regretNostradamus
I got home late this evening, stumbled up the stairRocka Rolla
He had enough, he couldn't take anymoreStained Class
Wild-eyed and tight-fisted, I'm fused to the boneStained Class
You won't hear me, but you'll feel meTurbo
Forged in the black country under blood red skiesAngel Of Retribution
Hypnotize me, mesmerize me, feel my willpower slipScreaming For Vengeance
The hangman's noose won't get me, gas chambers never stress meJugulator
Golden halos radiating higherPoint Of Entry
Catch the play now, eye to eyeBritish Steel
Feeling like we're ready to kick tonightHell Bent For Leather
Hey, listen, don't you let them get your mindScreaming For Vengeance
We come in all the glory now, no prayers suffice such evil foeNostradamus
Man eatin' mama, steam-driven hammerRocka Rolla
Raise the sights, the city lights are callingRam It Down
Speak to me of those days I won't forgetJugulator
Pounding the world like a battering ramBritish Steel
Look around, they're moving inBritish Steel
Twenty-four hours of the day, you're on my trailTurbo
Behold, 'tis I the commander, whose grip controls you allSad Wings Of Destiny
Now when the day goes to sleep and the full moon looksHell Bent For Leather
Fierce is the gale from the north seaRedeemer Of Souls
I made a spike about nine o'clock on a SaturdaySin After Sin
LyricSong TitleAlbum
Now let's see what you're made of, he is coming, you can't runJugulator
When you feel safe, when you feel warmDefenders Of The Faith
Holy Father, drink the fire waterDemolition
The father's son, thy kingdom come, electric ecstasyStained Class
You could find a way to ease my passionStained Class
Faster than a bullet, terrifying screamPainkiller
Welcome to my world of steel, maser of my domainRedeemer Of Souls
Time to settle the score, he's loaded to feel their remorseRedeemer Of Souls
Look out here's [title], cruisin' into townSin After Sin
Up here in space, I'm looking down on youScreaming For Vengeance
I see all things from my mind's innocenceNostradamus
Full moon is rising, the sky is blackPoint Of Entry
What have you achieved now you're old?Rocka Rolla
[Title] rider rides in with the stormSin After Sin
They never broke my will 'cause my heart was strongNostradamus
Let me hear the battle cry, calling on the windPainkiller
We've taken too much for granted and all the time it had grownBritish Steel
Standing by my window, breathing summer breezeSad Wings Of Destiny
Been awake all night, can't get no sleepRam It Down
The time has come and as I reach up to the skyRedeemer Of Souls
I'll be damned, here comes your ghost againSin After Sin
Grand canyons of space and time universalSin After Sin
You're in for surprise, you're in for a shockSad Wings Of Destiny
I am the darkness, born out of lightNostradamus
There I was, completely wasting, out of work and downBritish Steel
You say I waste my life away but I live it to the fullTurbo
Deadly as the viper, peering from its coilDefenders Of The Faith
Born of the sun, crashed to the EarthAngel Of Retribution
I never give true answers, I never tell no liesHell Bent For Leather
LyricSong TitleAlbum
We're walking the streets, we know where we'll meetRedeemer Of Souls
I traveled to a distant shore, I felt I had to goHell Bent For Leather
Turn me off, pull the plug, leave me with some dignityJugulator
Where do we go from here? There must be something nearRocka Rolla
White bolts of lighting came out of nowhereAngel Of Retribution
Along deserted avenues, steam begins to riseDefenders Of The Faith
Come on, come on, now what you sayPoint Of Entry
When the power chords come crashing downRam It Down
Whiskey woman, don't you know that you are driving me insane?Sad Wings Of Destiny
I am your darkest hour, I am your fall from powerDemolition
Shooting for the stars, cruise the speed of lightScreaming For Vengeance
Here they come, these gods of steelAngel Of Retribution
Your innocence all but fades when we peel the veneer awayDemolition
Sunrise showing every flaw, paying for the night beforeJugulator
Whipcrack, stings the sky, don't mess with me, I'm dangerRam It Down
You think you're cool and got it all, you think you run the sceneTurbo
Howling winds keep screaming round and the rain comes pouring downPainkiller
Fast and furious, we ride the universeDefenders Of The Faith
I can't stand the way you move itTurbo
You said I could never find a way to ease your mindAngel Of Retribution
I know you like it hot, love to writhe and sweatDefenders Of The Faith
Unholy Satan begs, he don't make no senseDemolition
One life, I'm gonna live it upScreaming For Vengeance
Licensed to kill on my 650 BonnevilleDemolition
Racin' cross the heavens, straight into the dawnStained Class
Where would you be without music?Rocka Rolla
Deep down in Louisiana, close to New OrleansRam It Down

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