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Can you answer all of these questions about Doctor Who, in order, getting progressively harder.

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What planet is the Doctor from?
Which actor played the 4th Doctor?
What surname is shared by classic companion Sarah-Jane, and new series companion Mickey?
What does TARDIS stand for?
One which channel does Doctor who originally air?
What relation was the Doctor's first companion to him?
What job did Donna Noble's grandfather, Wilfred, have?
The 2nd Doctor was known on occasion to play which musical instrument?
Who founded the Torchwood Institute?
What actor portrays Captain Jack Harkness?
How old does the Doctor claim he is in the Christmas special, Voyage of the Damned?
What is the twin planet of Raxacoricofallapatorius?
In what new series episode did Peter Capaldi appear before being cast as the 12th Doctor?
From what time period does K-9 originate?
What world event delayed the premiere episode of Doctor Who?
In which new series episode did David Troughton, son of the second Doctor Patrick Troughton, appear?
Which Doctor was first played by a Scottish actor?
What were the first creatures to appear in the 3rd series of the revival series, that appeared in the classic series?
What was the first foreign city in which Doctor Who was filmed? (meaning episode set there)
What episode was filmed in this city?
What actor currently voices the Daleks?
Which 2 Doctor Who actors are now related?

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