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QUIZ: Can you name the facts about Canada going from A-Z?

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Province featuring Banff National ParkA
Last name of singer from BC, know for his Christmas specialsB
Tony Nominated Musical about Newfoundland during 9/11C
Long time host of Coach's Corner on Hockey Night in Canada with Ron MacLeanD
Alberta city with hockey team: 'Oilers'E
Nickname of the Calgary hockey teamF
Official Bird of CanadaG
Capital city of Nova Scotia H
Capital City of Nunavut I
23 Year old Singer of 'Baby' from StratfordJ
'Mr. Wonderful' on Shark TankK
Canada's Official Summer SportL
Slang term for a 375mL bottle of liquor M
Dessert bar named after town in BC made of wafers, chocolate, and custard flavored butterN
The national anthemO
Dish popular in Canada consisting of fries, cheese curds, and gravyP
The french provinceQ
Last name of tennis player who placed second in Wimbledon in 2016R
Canadian company with slogan 'Why buy a mattress anywhere else'S
Last name of the father and son who were both Canadian Prime MinistersT
Country that Canada gained its independence from on July 1st, 1867U
Queen who granted Royal Assent to the British North America Act in 1867, of whom the capital city of BC is named afterV
Singer of 'The Hills' and 'Starboy' born in TorontoW
2004 classic Christmas movie set in Canada, Polar _______(e)X
Westernmost TerritoryY
Ice resurfacing machine popular in CanadaZ
Years Canada has been a country#

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