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Can you name the celebrities named by the following clues?

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Singer who had hits with 'Space Oddity' and 'Life On Mars'
Breakfast radio show host who commented on the Eurovision and is synonymous with Pudsey the Bear
Boxer who 'floats like a butterfly' and 'stings like a bee'
One half of a TV comedy duo known for handles for forks and the line 'I know my place'
Singer of 'Last Christmas' who died on Christmas Day
Comedian and singer who sang 'The Ballad of Barry and Frida'
Singer whose April death resulted in major world landmarks being turned purple
President of Cuba whose passing was marked in contrasting ways by British political figures
TV Magician. You'll like him, not a lot, but you'll like him
Singer-songwriter who wrote the song that gave Alexandra Burke her first No. 1 single
Actor best known for being the Hogwarts Potions Master
Known as 'the Fifth Beatle'
First Lady of the USA for much of the 1980s
Former Chairman of the Conservative Party
Wealthy London landowner - one of the richest aristocrats in the country
Comedian behind The Royle Family who became TV talk show host Mrs Merton
Celebrity Big Brother contestant who spins you round like a record
Iconic actress who was married 9 times
Princess Leia
Actor known for playing Roald Dahl's eccentric chocolate making character
Guitarist in the band with more UK hit singles than any other
American guitarist who had an 80s hit with 'The Heat Is On'
His 'Is Not Dead But Alive With Soul' tour happened after he had died
Footballer who won the Baton d'Or three times in the 1970s
On his 'Tonight' show in 1964, he introduced the world to David Bowie
DJ known as 'Stewpot'
Radio 2 DJ who had a No. 1 hit with 'Unchained Melody'
Creator of Coronation Street
Starred as Hilda Ogden in Coronation Street
Founder of Earth, Wind and Fire
Receipient of an obscene voicemail message from two Radio DJs - best known for playing a man from Barcelona
Golfer nicknamed 'The King'
Manager of Backstreet Boys and 'NSync
9th President of Israel
First American to orbit the Earth
Singer of 'Me and Mrs Jones'
Egyptian UN Secretary-General
Author of 'To Kill A Mockingbird'
Scottish weatherman name checked in 'John Kettley Is A Weatherman'
Cannabis smuggler who stood for parliament as the 'Legalise Cannabis Alliance'
One third of prog-rock band who believed in Father Christmas
Another member of the same prog-rock band
Author of 'Watership Down'
Gay rabbi who regularly featured on Thought for the Day
Northern Ireland Secretary under Prime Minister John Major
Italian author who died the same day as Harper Lee
French composer born 26 March 1925
The voice of Postman Pat
Famed for playing a Catholic priest who liked to 'drink!'
MP for Batley and Spen
Sussex cricketer who died suddenly in January
Screenwriter of 'The Liver Birds' and 'Bread'
Composer and Master of the Queens Music
Pseudonym of singer Colin Vearncombe
Actor who became president of Mencap in 1998
Iraqi-born London-based architect
Agony aunt on 'This Morning'
Stand up comedian from the Larry Sanders Show
Singer of 'Rubber Ball' and 'The Night Has A Thousand Eyes'
Actor who played 'Cato' in the Pink Panther films
Lunar Module Pilot of Apollo 14
Photographer known for nude images of young women and girls
Her mother was the Queen Mother's sister
Eastenders actress whose murdered body was found in 2016
US Supreme Court Justice
His death made Queen Elizabeth II the longest serving monarch in the world
Keyboardist and songwriter in Heatwave, who also wrote 'Thriller'
Husband and manager of Celine Dion
New rock band who died in a road accident in Sweden
Played Barry Stuart-Hargreaves in 'Hi-De-Hi'
Co-writer of 'Hi-De-Hi' and 'Dad's Army'
North Wales Hotelier who had her own reality TV show
Singer with the Checkmates who had the last UK No. 1 single of the 1950s

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