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Forced Order
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What is the other type of Decidueye aside from Grass?
How many Pokemon in gen 2?
What is the shiny color of Luxray?
What 2 Pokemon did team rocket use to defeat Ash fair and square for the first time?
A conspiracy theory says N is what?
Before Pikachu, who was the intended mascot of Pokemon?
Who is the first ever created Pokemon?
What is the rarest Pokemon card?
How many of the answer in #8 were released?
What is the evolution of Binacle?
What is the pre-evolution of Aromatisse?
What gen 7 Pokemon has 2 forms?
In the National Dex, who came after Chansey?
Ash only evolved one non-starter Water type Pokemon. Who is it?
What did Brock call onigiri?

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