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Forced Order
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Who describes power as the ability of A to get B to do something they would rather not do?
Joseph Nye says power comes in two forms. Name one
Mills is a key thinker in what theory?
Name another key thinker (not Mills) in elite theory.
Who said in their book that Legislatures are there to represent the public?
Phillips says representation gives what power?
Which two authors warn of tokenism in legislatures?
Stokes says that leaders have what?
Helms says that leaders are created by what?
Weber syas that what makes leaders?
Who said that liberalism was the final form of government?
Who said that parties have become 'catch-all'?
Keohane and Nye are two key contributers to which IR theory?
Ohmae is a key believer in what geographical theory?
Hirst and Thompson are sceptics of what theory?
Foreign policy analysis became popular through which 1950s movement?
Name all three models in Allisons FPA.
Who wrote a book on state failure and weakness?
Who was the founder of realist thinking?Focusing on humans having a need for material things
Who wrote a further realist analysis based on human sin?
Keohane and Nye are key thinkers in which realist critique?
Baldwin described power in IR coming from which 4 sources? Name one.
Who created the leading neo-realist pluralist critique that focused on the internation system?
Waltz's approach is an example of what?
Who are the two key thinkers in party system theory?
Name a country with a First Past the Post system?
Who is the only country with a second ballot system?
Who has an AV system?
Who has an AMS system?
Who has an STV system?
Who has a party-list system?

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