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Can you name the BJCP styles as of 2015?

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Category NumberStyleMain Style
1AStandard American Beer
1BStandard American Beer
1CStandard American Beer
1DStandard American Beer
2AInternational Lager
2BInternational Lager
2CInternational Lager
3ACzech Lager
3BCzech Lager
3CCzech Lager
3DCzech Lager
4APale Malty European Lager
4BPale Malty European Lager
4CPale Malty European Lager
5APale Bitter European Beer
5BPale Bitter European Beer
5CPale Bitter European Beer
5DPale Bitter European Beer
6AAmber Malty European Lager
6BAmber Malty European Lager
6CAmber Malty European Lager
7AAmber Bitter European Beer
7BAmber Bitter European Beer
7CAmber Bitter European Beer
7C-PaleAmber Bitter European Beer
7C-AmberAmber Bitter European Beer
8ADark European Lager
8BDark European Lager
9AStrong European Beer
9BStrong European Beer
9CStrong European Beer
10AGerman Wheat Beer
10BGerman Wheat Beer
10CGerman Wheat Beer
11ABritish Bitter
11BBritish Bitter
11CBritish Bitter
12APale Commonwealth Beer
12BPale Commonwealth Beer
12CPale Commonwealth Beer
13ABrown British Beer
13BBrown British Beer
13CBrown British Beer
14AScottish Ale
14BScottish Ale
14CScottish Ale
15AIrish Beer
15BIrish Beer
15CIrish Beer
16ADark British Beer
16BDark British Beer
16CDark British Beer
16DDark British Beer
17AStrong British Ale
17BStrong British Ale
17CStrong British Ale
17DStrong British Ale
18APale American Ale
18BPale American Ale
19AAmber and Brown American Beer
Category NumberStyleMain Style
19BAmber and Brown American Beer
19CAmber and Brown American Beer
20AAmerican Porter and Stout
20BAmerican Porter and Stout
20CAmerican Porter and Stout
22AStrong American Ale
22BStrong American Ale
22CStrong American Ale
22DStrong American Ale
23AEuropean Sour Ale
23BEuropean Sour Ale
23CEuropean Sour Ale
23DEuropean Sour Ale
23EEuropean Sour Ale
23FEuropean Sour Ale
24ABelgian Ale
24BBelgian Ale
24CBelgian Ale
25AStrong Belgian Ale
25BStrong Belgian Ale
25CStrong Belgian Ale
26ATrappist Ale
26BTrappist Ale
26CTrappist Ale
26DTrappist Ale
27Historical Beer
27Historical Beer
27Historical Beer
27Historical Beer
27Historical Beer
27Historical Beer
27Historical Beer
27Historical Beer
27Historical Beer
28AAmerican Wild Ale
28BAmerican Wild Ale
28CAmerican Wild Ale
29AFruit Beer
29BFruit Beer
29CFruit Beer
30ASpiced Beer
30BSpiced Beer
30CSpiced Beer
31AAlternative Fermentables Beer
31BAlternative Fermentables Beer
32ASmoked Beer
32BSmoked Beer
33AWood Beer
33BWood Beer
34ASpecialty Beer
34BSpecialty Beer
34CSpecialty Beer

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