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Can you name the verbos normalmente seguidos por sustantivo o infinitivo?

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to remember/acordarse
to be/get accustomed to/acostumbrarse
to adapt to/adaptarse
to become fond of/aficionarse
to encourage to/animar
to aspire to/aspirar
to help/ayudar
to get tired of/cansarse
to concentrate on/concentrarse
to sentence (someone) to/condenar
to be satisfied with/conformarse
to devote oneself to/dedicarse
to be in charge/encargarse
to be fed up with/hartarse
to be going to do something/ir
to be crazy about something/morirse
to take care of/ocuparse
to forget/olvidarse
to oppose something/oponerse
to think about/pensar
to worry about/preocuparse
to give up/renunciar
to resist/resistirse

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