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The start of a play begins with a(n) ___
The usually orange marker that indicates each of the four corners of the end zone is a(n) ___
Another nickname for offensive line men is ___ ___
A type of block in which the offensive player runs along the line of scrimage and keeps the outside edge rusher from coming inside is called a ___ block
The defensive area between the offensive tackles extending approximately seven yards deep is called the ___
The words or sounds a quarterback makes prior to receiving the ball from the center is called the ___
A nickname for the officials on the sideline that hold the yardage markers may be called the ___ ___
A paper with a list of offensive plays on the quarterback's wrist is a(n) ___ ___
A ___ block is a block in which the offensive player throws himself at a defender’s legs to take him down
A punt where the punter is trying to kick the ball out of bounds as closely as he can to the end zone is a ___ ___ punt
A passing play in which the quarterback throws the ball far into the endzone and hopes that one of his recievers catches it is called a ___ ___ (It is usually toward the end of the
The amount of time that a punt stays in the air is the ___ ___
When a quarterback calls out one sound or word more loudly than the others during his cadence in an attempt to get the defense to jump offsides it is known as a ___ ___
The grouping of players on offense and defense to call a play is called a(n) ___
A ___ is a very deep pass
The area of the field between the offense and defense when both are lined up ready for the snap of the ball is called the ___ ___
The area that a quarterback stands in during a play where he is protected by his linemen is called the ___
When a quarterback changes a play at the line of scrimage it is called a(n) ___
The area from the defense’s 20-yard line to the goal line is the ___ ___
A tackle of the quarterback for a loss of yardage is a(n) ___

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