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things may not always
but hey what daddy
straiten up
stiffen up that
what you
halie i know you
and i know you
but im tryin to give you
i can see
even when you smile
i can see it
deep inside you
cause your
i aint there daddys with you
no more cryin
daddys here no
we goin to pull
we goin
lainie uncles crazy
yeah but he loves you girl
were all we got
when it spins
when it whirls
two little
lookin puzzled
i know its
daddys always on the move
ive tried to keep
but somehow
the harder that i
the more it
all the things growing up as daddy
daddy dont
but you see just
we did not plan it
your mother
but things have got
i dont see us
like we used to be
but then of course everything
i guess it was
but its just something
and thats
but no
rest your head
maybe one day well wake up
now hush little baby
everythings gonna
stiffen that
little lady
daddys here
i know mommys not here right now and
we fear how
it may seem
pretty baby but i promise mamas
its funny i remember back one year when
mommy wrapped the christmas presents
and some of em
cause daddy
ill never forget
i sat up the whole
cause daddy felt
see daddy
but his job was to keep the food
and at the time every house we lived in
or shot up
and your mom was saving
tryin to start a piggy bank for you
almost had
til someone broke in
and i know it hurt so bad
and it seemed like everything was
mom and dad was arguin a lot
on the chalmers in the flat
and dad moved back to the other side
and thats when daddy went to california
and flew you and momma
but daddy had to work
then you started to see me on tv
and you and laney were
papa was a rollin stone
and it all happened too fast for
im just sorry you were there and
cause all i ever wanted to do
now im sitting in this
lookin at your baby pictures
to see how much youve grown
wow guess you pretty much are
laney im talking to you too
i like the sound
its got a ring
shh mommas only
and if you
daddys gonna buy
imma give you the world
imma sing
ill do anything for you
and if that mockingbird dont sing
imma break
ill go back to the jeweler
and make him eat every carat

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