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Forced Order
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What does the bodybag in which Red the trucker is put into say on it?
What name does Milhouse enter when playing Bonestorm?
What game is Bart given instead?
What is the name of the son of the Australian man that Bart prank calls?
What town is Willy from?
What do the Stone Cutters change their name to?
What does Homer think of Johnny Newspaperseed?
What did Moe once use to kill a rat?
What comes free with the popcorn at The Bloodening?
When Lisa wrote to the Olympic Committee for an assignment, who did the rest of the class write to?
What has Otto never seen fingers do?
What is the local time when the Simpsons land in Tokyo?
What teams play in the soccer match which leads to rioting and Homer buying a gun?
What is the name written on the Ship of Lost Souls?
Who says the children from the island in 'Das Bus'
What does the evil Homer say in 'The Computer Wears Menace Shoes' when Bart says that there's something different about him?
What helps Rod and Todd play?
What is the first thing Jasper says after being unfrozen at the Kwik-E-Mart?
What are nachos Flanders style?
In the future, what does Homer tell Hugh's parents is great about you Brits?

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