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First technique seen in 'rock the dragon' dbz opening
Which character is seen transforming into a great ape in the opening from the previous question
What is the name of the earth dragon in dbz
Which element do rukia and hitsugaya have control over in bleach
Captain Zaraki is the head of which division of the 13 court guard squads
What is yasutora sado's nickname
Which imperial arms does tatsumi use in akame ga kill
Who is the second assassin from night raid to die
How does the emperor die
Who is the fire starters final evolution in pokemon gold/silver
Which martial artist is hitmonlee named after
Which Pokemon is considered to be the god of all pokemon
What weapon does saeko use in highschool of the dead
How does rei die in highschool of the dead
Name the pink haired girl with glasses
Name the zombie from is this a zombie
What role does seraphim have
What is eu's last name
What is konekos power in highschool dxd
What country does the dragon come from in issei's hand
Name the power issei gets that sends him berserk
Enju Aihara and Tina sprout are from which anime
What is the metal called that makes the previous answer
What do they name the gastraea who uses the lance of light
Which two races are living among humans in shuffle!
Who does voice actress Brittney karbowski play in shuffle!
Which heroine does rin eventually choose in the anime
What is the first card Sakura has in cardcaptors
What's the guardian of the clow books name (shortened)
What does madison like to do
Who is the main character of yu gi oh gx
Which dorm does alexis belong to
What is yu gi oh based on
What is kiritos signature skill in sword art online
Who owns the pet dragon pina
What is asunas real world name
Where is Laura from in infinite stratos
Who is britains representative contender
What relation to Ichika is chifuyu
What is the number of the fire team that kanata teaches in sky wizards academy
Misora, Lecty and.... who's the third
What weapon does lecty use
In code geass, apart from being paralysed, what Other disability does nunally have
What colour hair does C.C have
What are the large battle machines generally known as
What power does mirai kuriyama have in beyond the boundary
What feature of mirai does Akihito love the most
Who is the president of the literary club in beyond the boundary
What is the Japanese name for future diary
Yuno gasai is diary holder number... what
Which eye does minene uryu lose
In one piece what is monkeys middle initial
Who is the first female crew mate to join monkey
What is the name of the pirate crew that monkey leads
What is the name of the sport that is the main focus in girls und panzer
How many members are there in the first year tank crew
What role does mako take in the team
Who is the first character otonashi meets in angel beats
What is angels real name
What is the name of the band in angel beats
What colour hair does Konata have in lucky star
What relation are kagami and tsukasa
Who is the American student in lucky star
What are the enemies called in akibas trip the animation
How are the enemies defeated in akibas trip
Where is arisa from
What is the name for girls with powers in brynhildr in the darkness
What power does kotori have
What is the main characters name in brynhildr in the darkness (full name)
How does ikuo takabayashi die in another
Who is the first student to die in another from the main class
Name the place where another is set
In psycho pass what are the weapons that the detectives and enforcers use called
What colour tie does kagari wear
What is the main female protagonists name
In k on what instrument does tsumugi play
Who is the fifth member of the band in k on
Which is mio's dominant hand
Who is the female Titan in attack on titan
Which member of erens family gets eaten early on
What is Sasha's nickname
Saya kisaragi is the main character of which anime
What is the name of the enemies from the previous answer
Which character gets killed by the shadow enemy
In hamatora which character shares their name with a food
What is nice's holder ability called
What part of the body does moral take from his victims
In the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya what is itsuki koizumi
What is yuki's second name
Who is the main male character of melancholy of haruhi suzumiya
In clannad what does fuko make from wood
What is Nagisa and tomoyas daughter named
Who plays sunohara in the English dub of clannad
In D-frags what 'power' does Sakura control
Does kenji have any siblings
Name the busty president of the real game creation club
In freezing what is the name of the school that the main characters attend
Who is ranked as the number one most powerful pandora
Which pandora who is ranked sixth in her year hails from italy
BONUS QUESTION: what sport plays a large role in little busters

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