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Can you name the Wrestlemania Title Match Losers??

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I - WWE Tag Team ChampionshipsNikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik
I - WWE Women's ChampionshipWendi Richter
2 - WWE Intercontiental ChampionshipRandy Savage
2 - WWE Women's ChampionshipThe Fabulous Moolah
2 - WWE Tag Team ChampionshipsBritish Bulldogs
2 - WWE ChampionshipHulk Hogan
III - WWE Intercontinental ChampionshipRicky Steamboat
III - WWE ChampionshipHulk Hogan
IV - WWE Tag Team ChampionshipsDemolition
IV - WWE ChampionshipRandy Savage
V - WWE Tag Team ChampionshipsDemolition
V - WWE Intercontinental ChampionshipRick Rude
V - WWE ChampionshipHulk Hogan
VI - WWE Tag Team ChampionshipsDemolition
VI - Million Dollar ChampionshipTed DiBiase
VI - WWE Championship and Intercontinental ChampionshipThe Ultimate Warrior
VII - WWE Tag Team ChampionshipsThe Nasty Boys
VII - WWE Intercontinental ChampionshipThe Big Boss Man
VII - WWE ChampionshipHulk Hogan
VIII - WWE Intercontinental ChampionshipBret Hart
VIII - WWE ChampionshipRandy Savage
VIII - WWE Tag Team ChampionshipsEarthquake and Typhoon, the Natural Disasters
IX - WWE ChampionshipYokozuna
IX - WWE ChampionshipHulk Hogan
X - WWE Women's ChampionshipAlundra Blayze
X - WWE Tag Team ChampionshipsMabel and Mo, the Men on a Mission.
X - WWE Intercontinental ChampionshipRazor Ramon.
X - WWE ChampionshipBret Hart
XI - WWE Tag Team ChampionshipsOwen Hart and Yokozuna
XI - WWE ChampionshipDiesel. He also fails to gain Pamela Anderson.
XII - WWE Tag Team ChampionshipsThe Bodydonnas
XII - WWE ChampionshipShawn Michaels
XIII - WWE Intercontinental ChampionshipRocky Maivia
XIII - WWE ChampionshipThe Undertaker
XIV - WWE Light Heavyweight ChampionshipTaka Michinoku
XIV - WWE European ChampionshipTriple H
XIV - WWE Tag Team ChampionshipsCactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie
XIV - WWE ChampionshipStone Cold Steve Austin
XV - WWE Hardcore ChampionshipHardcore Holly
XV - WWE Tag Team ChampionshipsOwen Hart and Jeff Jarrett
XV - WWE Intercontinental ChampionshipRoad Dogg
XV - WWE European ChampionshipShane McMahon
XV - WWE ChampionshipSteve Austin
2000 - WWE Hardcore ChampionshipHardcore Holly
2000 - WWE Tag Team ChampionshipsEdge and Christian
2000 - WWE European/Intercontinental ChampionshipsChris Benoit(European), Chris Jericho(IC)
2000 - WWE ChampionshipTriple H
X-Seven - WWE Intercontinental ChampionshipChris Jericho
X-Seven - WWE Hardcore ChampionshipKane
X-Seven - WWE European ChampionshipEddie Guerrero
X-Seven - WWE Women's ChampionshipChyna
X-Seven - WWE Tag Team ChampionshipEdge and Christian
X-Seven - WWE ChampionshipSteve Austin
X8 - WWE Intercontinental ChampionshipRVD.
X8 - WWE European ChampionshipDiamond Dallas Page
X8 - WWE Hardcore ChampionshipSpike Dudley via the titles 24/7 rule.
X8 - WWE Hardcore* ChampionshipHurricane due to the 24/7 rule.
X8 - WWE Hardcore* ChampionshipMighty Molly
X8 - WWE Hardcore* ChampionshipChristian
X8 - WWE Hardcore* ChampionshipMaven
X8 - WWE Tag Team ChampionshipsBilly and Chuck
X8 - WWE Women's ChampionshipJazz
X8 - WWE ChampionshipTriple H
XIX - WWE Cruiserweight ChampionshipMatt Hardy
XIX - WWE Women's ChampionshipTrish Stratus
XIX - WWE Tag Team ChampionshipsTeam Angle
XIX - World Heavyweight ChampionshipTriple H
XIX - WWE ChampionshipBrock Lesnar
XX - WWE United States ChampionshipJohn Cena
XX - World Tag Team ChampionshipsRVD and Booker T
XX - WWE Cruiserweight ChampionshipChavo Guerrero
XX - WWE Tag Team ChampionshipRikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty
XX - WWE Women's ChampionshipVictoria
XX - WWE ChampionshipEddie Guerrero
XX - World Heavyweight ChampionshipChris Benoit
21 - WWE Women's ChampionshipTrish Stratus
21 - WWE ChampionshipJohn Cena
21 - World Heavyweight ChampionshipBatista
22 - World Tag Team ChampionshipsKane and The Big Show
22 - WWE United States ChampionshipJBL
22 - WWE Women's ChampionshipMickie James
22 - World Heavyweight ChampionshipRey Mysterio
22 - WWE ChampionshipJohn Cena
23 - WWE United States ChampionshipChris Benoit
23 - World Heavyweight ChampionshipThe Undertaker
23 - WWE Women's ChampionshipMelina
23 - WWE ChampionshipJohn Cena
XXIV - ECW ChampionshipKane
XXIV - WWE ChampionshipRandy Orton
XXIV - World Heavyweight ChampionshipThe Undertaker
XXV - Unified Tag Team ChampionshipsCarlito and Primo, The Colons
XXV - WWE Intercontinental ChampionshipRey Mysterio
XXV - World Heavyweight ChampionshipJohn Cena
XXV - WWE ChampionshipTriple H
XXVI - Unified Tag Team ChampionshipsShoMiz(The Miz and Big Show)
XXVI - World Heavyweight ChampionshipChris Jericho
XXVI - WWE ChampionshipJohn Cena

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