Gaming Quiz / Pokemon by Species (Gen I - Gen V) 3

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Can you name the Random Pokemon by their Species (Gen I - Gen V)?

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Psi PokemonGen I
Mega Centipede PokemonGen V
DNA PokemonGen III
Dopey PokemonGen I
Discharge PokemonGen III
Plasma PokemonGen IV
Volcano PokemonGen II
Training PokemonGen V
Karate PokemonGen V
Aqua Mouse PokemonGen II
Spray PokemonGen V
Light PokemonGen II
Coral PokemonGen II
Hard Shell PokemonGen II
Armor Bird PokemonGen II
Brutal PokemonGen III, Gen V
Crystal PokemonGen V
Lunar PokemonGen IV
Jubilee PokemonGen IV
Lizard PokemonGen I
Neon PokemonGen IV
Mineral PokemonGen V
Diaper PokemonGen V
Hibernator PokemonGen II
Ogre Darner PokemonGen IV
Candle PokemonGen V
Trainee PokemonGen III
Garbage Bag PokemonGen V
Predator PokemonGen IV
Sky Squirrel PokemonGen V
Bell PokemonGen IV
Swallow PokemonGen III
Goldfish PokemonGen I
Armor PokemonGen II
Mold PokemonGen II
Cat Ferret PokemonGen III
Firefly PokemonGen III
Gas PokemonGen I
Sun PokemonGen II, Gen V
Compass PokemonGen III, Gen IV
Hairy Bug PokemonGen I
Bug Catcher PokemonGen IV
Fruit PokemonGen III
Sea Slug PokemonGen IV
Spatial PokemonGen IV
Balloon PokemonGen I, Gen II, Gen IV
Mouse PokemonGen I
Lonely PokemonGen I
Plate PokemonGen III
Scratch Cat PokemonGen I

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