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Who is the yankees all time hits leader?
Who is the yankees all time wins leader?
Who has the most grand slams in yankee history?
Who has the most complete games in yankees history?
How many yankees have thrown a perfect game? (word answer)
What player did the yankees acquire that caused them to begin wearing pinstripes?
What current major league baseball team shares the same name the yankees had before they moved to New York?
Who has the most at bats in yankees history?
Who is the yankees all time home run leader that is not currently in the hall of fame?
How many times have the yankees appeared in the playoffs?
Who has the highest slugging percentage in yankees history? (min 100 AB)
How many players are in the baseball hall of fame as yankees?
Who holds the yankee record for triples in one season?
Who has been the opening day DH the most times in yankees history?
Who has managed the most games in Yankees history?
Who is the only yankees pitcher since 1929 (Tom Zachary) to finish a season undefeated? (minimum 10 wins)
Who was the yankees manager prior to Joe Torre?
Who has the most starts in yankees history?
When was the last time the yankees won the world series in 7 games?
Who was the manager of the 1927 yankees known as murderer's row?
Who was the infamous yankee who allegedly stole Derek Jeter's glove?
What year did the team name switch from the New York Highlanders to the New York Yankees?
What was the first year the yankees won at least 100 games?
Who was the last yankee to hit a home run in the world series? (before 2009)
What pitcher has the lowest career ERA as a yankee? (minimum 200 appearances)
What yankee was caught stealing the most times in the 2009 season?
Who led the yankees in wild pitches in the 2009 season?
Who did the yankees trade for Alex Rodriguez?
How many yankees have hit at least 250 home runs as a yankee? (word answer)
What position did Babe Ruth play prior to becoming a right fielder?
Who is the yankees all time stolen base leader?
Prior to 2009, who was the last yankees pitcher to start a world series game?
Which yankee was named the MVP of the 1998 World Series?
Other than Babe Ruth, who is the only yankee to hit 3 HR in a world series game?
Who is the only yankee to throw a postseason perfect game?
Who holds the yankee record for games played?
Who holds the yankee record for hits in one season?
What year did the yankees win their first ALDS?
Who holds the yankee record for HR in one season?
What pitcher has the most career losses as a yankee?
Who was the last yankee to hit a HR in a game 7?
Who is the yankees active HR leader?
Which current yankees pitcher has the longest active tenure with the team?
In what year did the old Yankee Stadium have its greatest total attendance?
Who was the yankees opening day third baseman in 2009?
Who has the most all star selections in yankees history?
Who was the yankees last opening day 3B prior to Alex Rodriguez?
Prior to 1996, what was the last year the yankees won the world series?
Who has the longest tenure as yankees captain?
What number does manager Joe Girardi wear?

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