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What is the only city that has teams for 3 of the 4 major sports that all wear the same color?
How many major league baseball players have hit at least 600 home runs? (word answer)
What team has the most stanley cups in NHL history?
Who has hit the most home runs in professional baseball history?
Who holds the record for most stolen bases in major league baseball histroy?
How long is the longest field goal in NFL history?
Who is the youngest NFL coach to win a superbowl?
Who holds the NHL record for most games played?
Who is the only player to surpass 500 HR and 3000 hits since 2000?
How many players are allowed on an MLB roster during the last month of the season?
Who holds the record for most career touchdown passes in the NFL?
Who holds the modern day record for most career tackles in NFL history?
How many rounds are in a standard NFL draft? (word answer)
What franchise has the most losses in MLB history?
Who is the top money earning athelete since 2000?
Who holds the MLB record for most career no hitters?
Who holds the NBA record for most points per game for one season?
Who has scored the most points in an NBA quarter since 1980?
Who holds the American League and NYY record for cycles hit in a career?
Who holds the NBA record for 3 pointers made in a career?

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