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Can you name the Traps in the Saw series from films 1-6?

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Saw IPaul Leahy
Saw IMark Wilson
Saw IAmanda Young
Saw IJeff
Saw IDetective Sing
Saw IAdam Stanheight & Dr Lawrence Gordon
Saw IIMichael Marks
Saw IIObi Tate, Jonas Singer, Xavier Chavez, Daniel Matthews, Gus Colyard, Amanda Young, Laura Hunter & Addison Corday
Saw IIGus Colyard
Saw IIObi Tate
Saw IIAmanda Young
Saw IIAddison Corday
Saw IIITroy
Saw IIIKerry
Saw IIILynn Denlon
Saw IIIDanica Scott
Saw IIIJudge Halden
Saw IIITimothy Young
Saw IVCecil
Saw IVArt and Trevor
Saw IVBrenda
Saw IVIvan
Saw IVMorgan and Rex
Saw IVMatthews and Hoffman
Saw VSeth Baxter
Saw VAgent Strahm
Saw VAshley
Saw VCharles
Saw VLuba
Saw VBrit and Mallick
Saw VAgent Strahm
Saw VISimone and Eddie
Saw VIWilliam and Hank
Saw VIAddy and Allan
Saw VIWilliam and Debbie
Saw VIAaron, Emily, Gena, Dave, Shelby, and Josh
Saw VIWilliams Final Test
Saw VIHoffman

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