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Can you name the words that begin with one letter of the alphabet and end with the next?

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HintWordStarts with
To take in and make part of an existent wholeA
Absolutely out-of-control; excited. Also a type of missile.B
Hidden by concealment using colors and patterns similar to those of the surrounding environmentC
A somber song expressing mourning or grief; Don McClean sang these in the darkD
Mythological species; Known for baking cookies or constructing giftsE
Deciduous shrub native to southwest AsiaF
A deep wound in the skinG
Central American country, capital Port-au-PrinceH
Waste; trash; scrap; useless materialJ
To inflict this nautical punishment for sailors - those convicted would be cast overboard and dragged underneath the ship K
Material often used as floor coveringL
Stringed musical instrument in the lute family M
HintWordStarts with
Not; denied; negative; absence ofN
To cover and extend beyond (the boundaries of)O
A case that holds arrows used by an archerQ
To concentrate one's thoughts once moreR
A small scrap or fragment, such as from a newspaperS
Second person singular pronoun, now archaicT
Sunglasses and sunscreen protect against damage from these types of rays from the sun (Abbr.)U
The perspective one has, or a show hosted by a panel of womenV
Madame Toussaint's house is filled with it, in some capacityW
Radiation-generated imagery, often used to view bonesX
Nickname for Boston Red Sox favorite Carl YastrzemskiY
Landlocked country in southern Africa, capital LusakaZ

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