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AA bet on a horse to win, place or show.
BThe straight way on the far side of the track.
CAn ungelded (entire) male horse four-years-old or younger.
DRefers to a horse's placing in the starting stalls.
EA wager that picks the first two finishers in a race in the exact order of finish.
FThe most popular horse in a race
GWinning for the first time.
HThe final turn a horse must travel
IDescribes the horses in a race that finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd
JThe person who declares the official placing for each race.
KThe main expected winning horse used in multiple combinations in an exotic wager.
LUS term for an almost certain winner.
MApproximate odds quoted before wagering begins.
NA horse in the early stages of its career.
OWagering at legalized betting outlets.
PA multiple bet. A kind of 'let-it-ride' bet.
QSelecting the winner of four specifically nominated races.
RA horse (or greyhound) entered in a race under another's name
SThird position at the finish
TUsed generically to denote a series of three important races
UHorse under stout restraint in a race or workout.
VGetting the best odds on a wager.
WAnother term for bet.
YCondition of a turf course with a great deal of moisture. Horses sink into it noticeably.

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