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What are the four major classes of organic compounds in cells?
Why is cholesterol so important for cell growth?
What is a denatured protein?
What directs protein synthesis?
Adenine always pairs with ____?
A ______ is a substance that cannot be broken down any further by chemical reactions. A ______ is a substance consisting of two or more different _______ combined in a fixed ratio.
How many natural elements are essential to life?
The chemical behavior of an atom is determined by its _____ ______.
_______ Electrons are found in the valance _____.
Covalent Bonds can either consist of a single or ____ bond. Covalant Bonds are either ______ or ______.
__________ accounts for water tension, cohesion, and adhesion.
What would the pH of a solution with [H+] of 10^-9?
Are hydrophopic particles polar or nonpolar?
___________ are broken When water vaporizes.
True or False, HCl is a strong acid, and NH3 is a strong base.
Two ________________ can help stabilize the structure of protein.
_______ isomers differ in the spatial arrangements, while __________ differ in their covalent arrangements
Cyclohexane and Benzene both display _______ structures.
Petroleum and fat are hydrophobic because of the ______________ in their structure.
___________ are mirror image molecules of each other.

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