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QUIZ: Can you name the Les Miserables Characters?

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Forced Order
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CluesCharactersSongs from the musical
I stole a loaf of bread and accordingly spent 19 years in prison. Who am I?
As a child, I was treated like a slave until I was 8 years old, when I was rescued. Who am I?
I gave up my hair, my teeth, and took a job as a factory worker so I could send money to (2), my daughter. Who am I?
I fought at the barricades, but I wasn't in charge. I was also one of the two people still alive afterwards. Who am I?
We were innkeepers and had an inn in the town of Montfermeil. We were in charge of (2), but we treated her brutally. Who are We?
CluesCharactersSongs from the musical
I chased that thief for so many years, and then he saved my life. I felt guilty so I killed myself. Who am I?
I am the daughter of (5) and sister to (8) and (9). I was dressed like a princess while the slave girl dressed in rags, but later the situation was reversed. Who am I?
I'm not mentioned in the musical; you'd have to read the book to find out about me. They mention my older sister (7) much more often, and everybody knows her. Who am I?
I was pretty much ignored by my parents (5) and I hardly ever visited home, although I was only a child. I was at the barricade and I got shot, too. who am I?
After Lamarque died, I became the leader of the small group that defended the barricades. I later got shot by the firing squad, along with another member of our group. Who am I?

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