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Act passed in wake of 9/11 terror attacks/united intellegence info/allowed wiretapping & searching of business records/expired on June 1, 2015/replaced by USA Freedom Act2001
Began attempt to end the 'Spoils System' for assigning government jobs when a new president took office/awarded gov't jobs based on merit rather than political affiliation1883
Gave African Americans equal access to public places & transportation & prohibited exclusion from jury service/signed by Grant/not effectively enforced/struck down by Supreme Court1875
Prohibited immigration of all Chinese laborers/intended to last 10 yrs but lasted until Magnuson Act repealed it in 19431882
200 yr Series of annual acts passed by English Parliament governing,regulating, and provisioning the English army.
Set new/expanded requirements for all US public company boards, management & public accounting firms/to protect investors from fraudulent accounting activities by corporations2002
Law signed by Wilson that created the Federal Reserve System (US central bank)& granted it authority to issue Federal Reserve Notes (dollars)1913
Called for by JFK, it was signed by LBJ and outlawed discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin1964
Series of 3 acts created to give power to the Federal Govt to ensure the enforcement of the 13th, 14th, & 15th Amendments/used by Grant to shut down the KKK1870, 1871
Enacted by Democrats/substantially cut rates from 'Black Tariff' of 1842/coincided with Brit repeal of Corn Laws1845
Created effective federal courts.1789
Statements passed by 2 state legislatures that argued that Alien & Sedition Acts were unconstitutional/written secretly by VP Jefferson & Madison1798-1799
Raised average tariffs to 50%/named for Congressman who later became a president/supported by Republicans1890
First put forward by a Pennsylvania congressman this addendum to an appropriations bill would have forbidden slavery in any territories acquired from Mexico 1846
Set of 5 bills passed regarding new territories gained from Mexico brokered by Clay & Douglas/strengthened the Fugitive Slave laws, killed Wilmot Proviso, Texas lost New Mexico1850
International agreement to outlaw war/authored by US Sec of State & French foreign minister/titled General Treaty for Renunciation of War as an Instrument of National Policy 1928
1st Federal act that outlawed monopolistic business practices/outlawed monopolies, cartels, & trusts1890
Part of Compromise of 1850/forced runaway slaves found in the North to be returned to owners/stiffined penalties for those caught helping them escape/called Bloodhound Law1850
Decree by George III that forbade all settlers from settling past a line drawn along the Appalachian Mountains/at end of Seven Years' War1763
Overhauled financial regulation in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2007–2008/created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau/Volcker Rule for bank investments2010
1930 tariff which sharply increased US tariffs on foreign goods/other countries responded likewise/contributed to & prolonged Great Depression1930
Regulated slavery in the west/prohibited slavery in former Louisiana Territory north 36°30′ north except within proposed state of Missouri/repealed by Kansas-Nebraska Act1820
Sought to prevent anticompetitive practices in their incipiency/3-level enforcement scheme/specified prohibited conduct1914
Tariff passed after many Southern states had suceded from Union/raised revenue for Civil War1861
Raised tariffs to counteract Wilson-Gorman/part of McKinley's election promise of protectionism/lasted 12 years (longest tariff in US history)1897
Designed by Stephen Douglas/repealed the Missouri Compromise of 1820 by allowing white males in namesake territories to determine legality of slavery through popular sovereignty 1854
Also known as Servicemen's Readjustment Act/provided benefits for returning WW2 vets/low cost mortgages, tuition for college, unemployment compensation1944
American name for punitive laws passed by Parliament in retribution for the Boston Tea Party/called Coercive Acts in UK1774
Required U.S. Treasury to buy a certain amount of silver and put it into circulation as silver dollars/vetoed by Hayes but veto overridden/caused by Panic of 18731878
Increased the amount of silver the government was required to purchase on a recurrent monthly basis to 4.5 million ounces/Ohio senator instrumental in obtaining passage1890
Federal law that amended the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971/regulates the financing of political campaigns/partially overturned by 2010 Citizens United vs FEC case2002
4 laws signed by Adams/Jefferson opposed/included Naturalization Act/harder to become citizen/allowed Pres to imprison or deport non-citizens/criticism of govt could be prosecuted1798
Agreement reached during Constitutional Convention that created the House of Representatives & the Senate/also known as Connecticut Compromise1787
Nickname given by souther detractors for the Tariff of 1828 which protected northern industry at the cost of the southern economy/highest tariffs in US history1828
Reduced tariff rates from McKinley tariff & imposed 2% income tax to make up for lost income1894
Act of Parliament that accompanied repeal of Stamp Act & lessened sugar act/declared Parliament's authority to pass laws binding on American colonies1766
Revised the Wagner Act, restricted the activities and power of labor unions.1947
Reversed effects of Compromise Tariff/passed by Whigs & Tyler/high tariff led to sharp decline in international trade/replaced by Walker Tariff1842
Major restructure of US government's military & intelligence agencies after WW2/merged Dept of War & Dept of Navy into Dept of Defense/established NSC, CIA, & Joint Chiefs of Staff1947
Also known as the Revenue Act of 1913, it re-imposed the income tax and lowered tariffs1913
Landmark legislation of Obama/largest overhaul of US healthcare system since Medicare/Medicaid in 1965/covers pre-existing conditions/penalty for not being insured2012
Also known as National Prohibition Act/enacted to carry out intent of 18th Amendment/drafted by Anti-Saloon League's Wayne Wheeler/passed over Wilson's veto1919
Passed by FDR, instrumental in preventing employers from interfering with workers' unions and protests in the private sector.1935
Act passed by the Congress of the Confederation of the United States/created Northwest Territory/prohibited slavery/redone under Constitution in 17891787
1st US federal law to define citizenship and affirm that all citizens are equally protected by the law/initially vetoed by Johnson in 1865/Congress overrode the veto in 18661866
Act of Parliament that imposed a direct tax on American colonists/required that many printed materials in the colonies be produced on stamped paper produced in London 1765
Raised tariffs & granted huge loans to Europe which led to purchase of more American goods/1st scientific tariff - equalized production costs among competing countries1922
1994 agreement signed by Canada, Mexico, and the United States, creating a trilateral rules-based trade bloc in North America1994
Signed by LBJ to regulate the administration of elections and end racial discrimination in voting1965
Refers to 4 provisions of Banking Act of 1933 which separated commercial & investment banking/ proposed by VA Senator and AL Congressman1933
Requires full or partial disclosure of previously unreleased information & documents controlled by US Govt upon request/intended to improve govt transparency/signed by LBJ1967
Tariff proposed by Clay & Calhoun as a resolution to Nullification Crisis/gradually reduced rates from Tariff of 1832 & Tariff of Abominations1833
Prevented unauthorized citizens from negotiating w/ foreign gov'ts having a dispute w/ the U.S.1799
Negotiated during the United Nations Conference on Trade and Employment to reduce tariffs internationally/was replaced in 1995 by the World Trade Organization1947
Increased taxes on imported sugar to the colonies, revised the Sugar and Molasses act of 1733.1764
6 acts of Parliament named for Chancellor of the Exchequer/Revenue, Indemnity, Commissioners of Customs, Vice Admiralty Court, & NY Restraining Acts/raise revenue & punish NY1767
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