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Forced Order
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traveled to Rome with Donatello to study ruins of Roman architecture
worked for Louis Sullivan at Adler & Sullivan
MIT Ray and Maria Stata Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts
1st architectural commission was Ospedale degli Innocenti (Foundling Hospital)
Vicenza, Italy is considered the 'City of __?__'
widely considered to be the most influential individual in the history of architecture
was a founder of the Royal Society & served as its president from 1680-82
Imperial Hotel in Tokyo
Fagus Factory
designed hydraulic machinery and stage sets that allowed people cast as angels to fly across the stage
Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto
Libyan Sybil/Cumaean Sybil paintings
designed the Royal Observatory & namesake library at Trinity College at Cambridge University
formed The Architects' Collaborative (TAC) w/7 younger architects in 1945 in Cambridge, Massachusetts/one of the most notable firms in post-war modernism
used corrugated steel, chain link fencing, unpainted plywood and other utilitarian or 'everyday' materials
abandoned family for Mamah Cheney/while he was in Chicago, Julian Carlton (servant from Barbados) killed her and 6 others at Taliesin
The Creation of Adam
left Nazi Germany in 1934, on the pretext of making a temporary visit to Italy for a film propaganda festival/fled to UK then to USA
Dying Slave/Bound Slave/Rebellious Slave sculptures
designed Chelsea Hospital, Kensington Palace, and Hampton Court
Teatro Olimpico

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