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WorkArtist/ArchitectType of Work/Date
Arrangement in Gray and Black, No 1 (or Whistler's Mother)Painting/1871
Bayeux Tapestry (patron)Tapestry/1080
Liberty Leading the PeoplePainting/1830
The Ecstasy of St TheresaSculpture/1646
The Third of May, 1808Painting/1814
Pantheon (Rome) (architect)Building/ca. 125
Chrysler BuildingBuilding/1930
Marilyn MonroePainting/1962
Uffizi Palace (architect)Building/1560-1581
The Kiss (marble)Sculpture/1886
Hanging Gardens of Babylon (patron)Building/ca. 600 BC
Last Judgment (covers altar wall of Sistine Chapel)Painting/1534
Hagia Sophia (patron)Building/537
Pantheon (Rome) (patron)Building/ca. 125
WorkArtist/ArchitectType of Work/Date
The ScreamPainting/1893
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande JattePainting/1886
Solomon R Guggenheim MuseumBuilding/1959
David (Bronze)Sculpture/ca. 1440
Hagia Sophia (architects)Building/537
Uffizi Palace (patron)Building/1560-1581
Bird in SpaceSculpture/1919
Gateway ArchBuilding/1965
Cathedral of FlorenceBuilding/1420
Pieta (marble)Sculpture/1499
The Starry NightPainting/1889
The Arnolfini Wedding (or Arnolfini Portrait or Arnolfini Marriage)Painting/1434
Las MeninasPainting/1656
Empire State Building (architectural firm)Building/1931

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