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WorkArtist/ArchitectType of Work/Date
Lincoln MemorialBuilding/1922
Taj Mahal (patron)Building/1632
The Night WatchPainting/1642
Mona LisaPainting/1500
Saint Paul's CathedralBuilding/1708
The Death of MaratPainting/1793
Westminster Abbey (patron)Building/1245
United States Capitol (reconstruction)Building/1815-1826
The School of AthensPainting/1509
Taj Mahal (architect)Building/1632
The Birth of VenusPainting/1480
The Gates of HellSculpture/1880
Statue of Liberty (sculptor)Sculpture/1886
United States Capitol (original)Building/1793-1811
WorkArtist/ArchitectType of Work/Date
Statue of Liberty (engineer)Sculpture/1886
St Peter's Basilica (1st architect)Building/1626
St Peter's Basilica (patron)Building/1626
The ThinkerSculpture/1900
The Last SupperPainting/1495-1498
Mount RushmoreSculpture/1927-1941
Parthenon (architect)Building/447 BC
The Persistance of MemoryPainting/1931
American GothicPainting/1930
Notre Dame Cathedral (patron)Building/1160-1345
Parthenon (patron)Building/447 BC
David (marble)Sculpture/1504
White HouseBuilding/1792

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