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Primary collection of sacred texts
Ancient Persian religion based upon Good Deeds, Good Thoughts, & Good Words/started by Zoroaster/state religion about 600 BC
Symbol of ancient Persia/sacred in Zoroastrianism/believed to be a depiction of Fravashi (personal spirit of a person)/priest standing in center of disk w/wings & tail coming out
Collective name for bad deities of Zoroastrianism
Founder of Zoroastrianism/credited w/authorship of Gathas & Yasna Haptanghaiti/murdered b/c he opposed the Daevas/son-in-law Jamaspa succeeded him
Antithesis of Ahura Mazda/name translates as mind (or spirit)-destructive
Also called Ohrmuzd/Avestan name for the creator and sole God of Zoroastrianism/name translates as lord-wisdom
Zoroastrian place of worship/as of 2010 there are 177 in the world
Angelic divinity of covenant and oath/judicial figure, all-seeing Protector of Truth, Guardian of Cattle, the Harvest, & of The Waters
Good deities of Zoroastrianism under Ahura Mazda
17 hymns believed to have been composed by Zoroaster himself/most sacred texts of Zoroastrianism
Indian adherents to Zoroastrianism/Persians who emigrated to India to avoid religious persecution by Muslims
Principle act of worship/also name of primary liturgical collection of Avesta texts/ceremony takes about 2 hours
Region where Zoroastrianism was founded

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