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Can you name the famous people involved in World War II?

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5-star US general in both Army & Air Force/nicknamed 'Hap'/taught to fly by Wright Bros/commanded US Army Air Forces/founded Project RAND & Pan American World Airways
Norwegian politician & military officer/led Norway under Nazi occupation/attempted radio broadcast coup d'état but failed/Nasjonal Samling (fascist) party/executed for high treaso
Brit field marshal/victor at 2nd Battle of El Alamein/Brit leader of Eastern Task Force of Sicily invasion/commanded Brit 8th Army/Operation Market Garden (failed)/called Monty
US general/youngest Lt Gen (3-star) in Army in war/5th Army in Italian campaign/captured Rome/criticized for allowing German 10th Army to escape/coined 'intelligence community'
Italian field marshal/commanded in Abyssinia, Greece, USSR, & Tunisia/often considered best Italian commander
US general/placed 5th in 1912 Olympics in pentathalon/VMI & West Point/designed cavalry saber/N Africa & invasion of Sicily/led Third Army/slapped soldiers/famous speech
Brit Prime Minister during war/Brit father-American mother/1st Lord of Admiralty in WW1 until Gallipoli/served in several gov't posts/coined 'Iron Curtain'
Brig general of 101st Airborne troops defending Bastogne, Belgium during Battle of the Bulge/said 'Nuts!' when ordered to surrender/promoted to Major General afterward
US general/served on Gen Staff in Washington until 1942/Supreme Comm of Operation Torch (N Africa), invasion of Sicily, and D-Day/military gov of US Occupation Zone in Germany
Japanese general, poet, & diplomat/overall Japanese commander at Battle of Iwo Jima
5-star US general/field marshal of Philippinne Army/Medal of Honor for defense of Philippines (only father-son pair to win)/'I shall return'/led Korean War until removed by Truman
Became youngest Italian PM (until Renzi 2014) after March on Rome (Oct 1922)/founded Fascist Party/ruled Italy as dictator (Il Duce)/deposed by King Victor Emmanuel III (1943)
National leader of Hitler Youth (1940-1945)/last living Nazi w/rank of Reichsführer/in Hitler's bunker when he committed suicide/alias Erich Siewert after war until US captured hi
Soviet general/defeated Japanese at Battle of Khalkhin Gol (1939)/made Commander-in-Chief/planned Stalingrad counteroffensive/1st commander of Soviet occupation zone in Germany
5-star US general/commanded all US forces invading Germany from west/after war headed VA/1st Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff/oversaw beginning of Korean War/retired 1953
French field marshal during WW1/Lion of Verdun/became head of Vichy France/convicted of treason/sentenced to death but spent life in prison/died at 95 in 1951
US fleet admiral/commander of Pacific Fleet/submarine expert/influenced move to nuclear subs/signed Japanese surrender for US
German general/called Smiling Albert/commanded air forces in Polish & French invasions, Battle of Britain, & Op Barbarossa/life imprisonment for war crimes
Early Nazi/co-founded & led Sturmabteiling (SA) w/personal friend Hitler/executed by Hitler during Night of the Long Knives/quote: All revolutions devour their own children
US aviation pioneer/received Medal of Honor for leading namesake bombing raid on Tokyo (18 April 1942)/became Lt Gen over 12th, 15th, & 8th Air Forces during War
124th Emperor of Japan (1926-1989)/also called Emperor Shōwa/not prosecuted for war crimes
American who published The International Jew (4 volume work taken from antisemitic articles from his The Dearborn Independent newspaper)/work was highly influential in Nazi circles
US fleet admiral/task force centered on carrier Enterprise/Battle for Guadalcanal & up Solomon Island chain/made commander of 3rd Fleet/namesake Typhoon (Cobra) hit 3rd Fleet
Japanese general/conquered Malaya & Singapore in 70 days/called The Tiger of Malaya & Beast of Bataan/convicted of war crimes/executed 1946
German general/commanded 6th Army at Stalingrad/promoted to Field Marshall by Hitler on verge of defeat/no field marshal had ever been captured alive/he was the 1st
US general/Veracruz expedition under W Wilson (1914)/created 42nd (Rainbow) Division in WW1/in Meuse-Argonne offensive in WW1/Superintendent of West Point/youngest major general
Asst Secretary of Navy under Wilson/failed as VP candidate w/Cox/contracted polio/Lend-Lease Act to support UK/died during 4th term as US Pres
Japanese marshal admiral/commander of Japanese Combined Fleet/responsible for Pearl Harbor & Midway/US codebreakers got flight plans & shot down his plane (18 April 1943)
US general/commander of 82nd Airborne in Sicily, Italy, & Normandy/commanded XVIII Airborne Corps in Bulge, Op Varsity, invasion of Germany/took over Korean War after MacArthur
French general/Appeal of 18 June/leader of Free French/led France after War (1944-46)/founded 5th Republic/Pres (1958-68)
Nazi SS-leader tasked by Heydrich w/organizing Holocaust/captured in 1960 by Mossad in Argentina/convicted of war crimes/executed 1962
German architect who became Minister of Armaments & War Production for Hitler/20 yrs prison from Nuremburg trials for using forced labor/denounced Hitler/'the Nazi who said sorry'
Japanese general & 40th Prime Minister of Japan/ordered attack on Pearl Harbor/executed for war crimes 23 Dec 1948
Born Joseph Dzhugashvili/Georgian/Soviet premier during war/face scarred by childhood smallpox/attended Tiflis Seminary where he became atheist/responsible for deaths of millions
Nazi leader/SS-leader & architect of Holocaust/often viewed as darkest figure in Nazi elite/helped organize Kristallnacht/ruled in Prague/killed by Brit trained hit squad (1942)
German general/Panzer commander in Poland, France, & USSR/pioneered motorized tactics/defeated at Battle of Moscow/placed in reserve by Hitler
Nazi leader/head of SS (1929)/built up to 1 million members/set up concentration camps/formed Einsatzgruppen/major leader in Holocaust
German field marshal/developed French invasion strategy (sickle cut)/invasion of USSR, Siege of Sevastopol, Siege of Leningrad/led failed relief effort at Stalingrad/dismissed 1944
Deputy Prime Minister under Churchill/Labour Party leader (1935-1955)/initially supported Chamberlain/PM (1945-51) supported Truman Doctrine & Marshall Plan
National leader of Hitler Youth (1931-1940)/Nazi governor of Vienna (1940-45)/deported Jews to death camps/denounced Hitler at Nuremburg trials/20 yrs in prison for war crimes
Japanese general/commanded Philippine invasion & perpetrated Bataan Death March/convicted of war crimes/executed 3 April 1946
5 brothers all killed in action when their ship USS Juneau was sunk around 13 Nov 1942/led to War Dept Sole Survivor Policy/became US heroes/story made into 1944 movie
German field marshal/successful in N Africa until support withdrawn/called Desert Fox/commanded German forces opposing D-Day landing/executed by Hitler for part in 20 July Plot
Nazi leader 2nd only to Hitler/founded Gestapo (1933)/commander of Luftwaffe/stole Jewish property/artwork/convicted of war crimes/committed suicide before execution
Nazi leader/Deputy Führer to Hitler from1933-41/signed Nuremburg Laws/flew to Scotland on peace mission/arrested on arrival/remained prisoner until suicide at 93 (1987)
Brit field marshal/oversaw Dunkirk evac/commanded in Burma, Middle East, & Sicily invasion/Supreme commander of Mediterranean/Italian campaign/Gov-General of Canada
British mathematician cracked German Enigma machine at Bletchley Park during WWII/created computer language/'Father of Computer Science' & artificial intelligence/namesake machine
Officer/physician at Auschwitz notorious for the selection of victims to be killed in gas chambers & for performing deadly human experiments on prisoners (esp identical twins)

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