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Can you name World War 2 battles by description?

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17 Jan-18 May 1944/4 costly allied assaults vs Winter Line in Italy/abbey on hilltop used by Nazis was bombed/Allies won but lost 55,000 to Germany's 20,000/Alexander v Kesselring
241-day siege of Libyan city in 1941 in which primarily Brit troops were trapped by Germans & Italians under Rommel/relieved by Eighth Army during Operation Crusader
23-26 Oct 1944/largest naval battle of war (possibly in history)/fought near Luzon, Samar, & namesake island/consisted of 4 battles/about 367 ships/1st kamikaze attacks/Bull Halsey
Name of operation in which the US invaded North Africa in Nov, 1942
65-mile forced march of US & Flipino troops from namesake peninsula to POW camps/thousands died/starvation & brutality/those too weak to walk were bayoneted
Belgian city liberated by Allies in Sept 1944/cut off by Nazi's in Battle of the Bulge/held by 101st Airborne under McAuliffe for 3 weeks until relieved by Patton
5-16 July 1943/Op's Citadel, Rumyantsev, & Kutuzov & Battle of Prokhorovka/largest armored battle in history/Soviet victory/1st time German offensive halted before breakthrough
Failed invasion of Germany from Sept 17-25th, 1944/2 terms represented air & ground attacks respectively/under leadership of Montgomery
Initially Operation Anvil/codename for Allied invasion of southern France/began August 15, 1944
7 Aug-9 Feb 1943/1st major Allied offensive vs Japan/Allied invasion of Japanese-held Solomon Islands/included naval battle of same name/considered a turning point in war w/Japan
Codename for German advance on Moscow which begain in Oct, 1941
10 July-31 Oct 1940/RAF defended UK vs Luftwaffe/only air battles/forced Hitler to cancel Operation Sea Lion (invasion of UK)/Churchill's 'this was their finest hour' speech
19-24 Feb 1943/part of Tunisia campaign/named for gap in Dorsal chain of Atlas Mts/1st big US vs German battle/Afrika Korps under Rommel pushed US under Fredendall back 50 miles
Initially Operation Sledgehammer/1200 plane assault followed by 5000 vessels landing 160,000 troops/Allied invasion of Normandy on June 6, 1944/name chosen by Churchill
23 Aug-2 Feb 1943/1 of the largest, bloodiest battles in history/turning point in European theater/house-to-house fighting/German 6th army surrendered/Soviet sniper Vasily Zaytsev
English name of German codename for the Battle of the Bulge (German title was Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein)/used to convince Allies it was a defensive operation
22 Jan-5 June 1944/Allied amphibious landing (Oper Shingle) in Italy/outflanked Winter Line/enabled Allies to get to Rome/many missed opportunities by Allies
4-8 May 1942/1st battle where aircraft carriers engaged each other & where neither side's ships fired directly at each other/1st stop to Japanese advance/tactical victory for Japan
7 Dec 1941/Japanese surprise attack on US naval base in Hawaii/drew US into war/destroyed US battleships but carriers were out on maneuvers/planned by Yamamoto/FDR 'infamy' speech
16 Dec 1944-25 Jan 1945/final German offensive campaign/surprise attack/codename Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein/intended to cut off Allied supplies at Antwerp
18 April 1942/air raid on Tokyo carried out by namesake US Army Air commander to retaliate for Pearl Harbor & raise US morale/B-25 bombers from USS Hornet carrier/landed in China
23 Oct-11 Nov 1942/decisive battle in N Africa campaign/ended Axis threat to Egypt/coincided w/but not part of Operation Torch/Alexander & Montgomery defeat Axis (Rommel not there)
Codename for German invasion of the Soviet Union/began June 22, 1941
19 Feb-26 March 1945/Oper. Detachment/Marine attack/only Pacific battle where US had more casualties/of 21,000 Japanese only 216 prisoners/famous pic by Rosenthal on Mt Suribachi
Codename for Allied breakout from Normandy thru Brittany into interior of France under Bradley/began 25 July 1944/created Falaise Pocket/Allies reached the Seine
4-7 June 1942/US cryptographers broke Japan's JN-25b code/Nimitz defeated Yamamoto in most important Pacific battle/Japan lost 4 aircraft carriers/US lost 1 (Yorktown)
3 Sept 1939-8 May 1945/longest continual campaign of WW2/Kriegsmarine (w/U-boats) vs Canadian, UK, & US navies/began w/German blockade of UK/ended w/Allied blockade of Germany
Planned invasion of Britain by Nazi Germany which was never carried out/set for 1940

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