HCHS World War 1 (Basic)

Can you answer the questions about World War 1?

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31 May 1916/only major naval battle of WW1/Brit Jellicoe defeated German Scheer/Brits kept control of North Sea/German navy stayed in port for rest of War/250 ships & 100,000 men
German defensive position built in winter (1916-17) in France from Arras to Laffaux near Soissons on the Aisne
Failed Allied campaign to take Dardanelles Ottomans/sponsored by Churchill/led to establishment of Republic of Turkey & rise of Kemal Ataturk who commanded there
Progressive US Pres/elected on slogan 'He kept us out of the war'/had been Pres of Princeton University & Gov of New Jersey/had Fourteen Points plan for peace w/League of Nations
Name of German republic founded after WWI
Treaty ending WWI
Battle (Aug-Sept, 1918) which reversed German gains in Operation Michael
Deadliest pandemic in history/fall 1918 to summer 1919/killed more people than WW1/killed 20-50 million world-wide
Last major German Spring Offensive on Western Front (July-Aug, 1918)/Allied victory, French counterattack w/several hundred tanks smashed German rt flank/led to 100 Days Offensive
Served as Quartermaster general & joint head of German army/victor at Battles of Liege & Tennenberg/took part in unsuccessful coup d'etat of Kapp & Hitler's Beer Hall Putsch
Feb-Dec 1916/longest battle of WW1/over 1 million casualties/Falkenhayn's goal was to take French lives/fought over Forts Douaumont & Vaux/Germans called off after taking them
6-12 Sept 1914 battle/1st major conflict/halted German invasion of France/Paris taxis carried troops to the front
1917 US law/empowered Federal Government to begin drafting men to raise army for WW1/cancelled at end of War
Archduke (& wife Sophie) assassinated in Sarajevo on 28 June 1914/led to Austria-Hungary's invasion of Serbia which led to WWI
US commander of American Expeditionary Force in WW1/led buffalo soldiers in West/fought at San Juan Hill/led expedition to Mexico to catch Pancho Villa/called Black Jack
Briefly world's biggest ship/launched by Cunard Line in 1907/sunk by German U-boat in 1915 killing 1198 total, 128 Americans/influenced US decision to enter War
Used as scouts and in bombing raids in Britain during War killing over 500 people there
Secret diplomatic communication from Germans to Mexico in 1917 proposing an alliance/decrypted by Brits/named for German Foreign Secretary who admitted it was genuine/outraged US
Title for the US troops who fought in WWI
Began WWI as brigade commander/was Commander-in-Chief of French army by 1917/Lion of Verdun/Marshal of France/Chief of State of Vichy France/convicted of treason after WWII
Name for new type of war introduced in WWI which included air raids on civilians and use of chemical weapons
July-Nov, 1916/Allied offensive by Brit Haig/estimated 1.5 million casualties/57,000 Brit casualties on 1st day/no breakthrough for Allies/1st use of British tanks
Bosnian Serb nationalist & member of Young Bosnia/assassinated Franz Ferdinand/was only 19 years old/worked w/Black Hand toward the assassination
Elected Prime Minister of Britain in Dec 1916
Conference where Allies decided the fate of Germany after War
Secret Serbian nationalist & terrorist organization w/members in army & gov't/leader Apis planned assassination of Archduke but called it off
French general appointed Commander-in-Chief of the Allied Armies in 1918/after Versailles said 'This is not peace. It is an armistice for 20 years'
Turkish commander at Gallipoli who later rose to power in Turkish War of Independence to lead the Republic of Turkey
Final Tsar of Russia ruling at beginning of WWI
Ruler of Germany from 1888-1918/called Supreme War Lord during WW1/broke w/Bismarck in 1890 & set New Course/built strong navy
Nickname for Baron von Richthofen the German flying ace who was shot down in 1918
Type of gas used as a chemical weapon introduced by Germany but used by both sides in the war
Prussian-German field marshall/victor at Tennenberg & joint head of Chief of General Staff of German army/served as 2nd President of Germany (1925-34)
Part of final Allied offensive along entire Western Front lasting 48 days ending w/Armistice/involved 1.2 million US soldiers/principal engagement for AEF

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