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Brother and sister Clare and Felize are actors on tour/traumatized by witnessing murder of their parents/play within a play
Set in Mexico in 1940's/Reverend Shannon is institutionalized for nervous breakdown & is accused of statutory rape of Charlotte Goodall/stays at Maxine Faulk's hotel w/tour group
About F. Scott Fitzgerald and his relationship with wife Zelda/one-day visit Scott pays the institutionalized Zelda at Highland Mental Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina
1962 revision of Summer and Smoke
Catharine goes insane when Sebastian dies/Violet threatens to lobotmize her to conceal/Sebastian was cannibalized and homosexual/one of two Garden District plays
Highly autobiographical/722 Toulouse Street in the French Quarter/aspiring St. Louis writer who struggles with literary career, poverty, loneliness, homosexuality, and cataract
Christmas at Pascagoula, Mississippi/Cornelius and Bella bury their gay son/Cornelius goes insane and tries to rob Bella/son Charlie saves her
Narrated by Tom Wingfield, the brother, Amanda the mother was a Southern belle, Laura the sister is insecure and has a limp and loves her glass animals
Big Daddy Pollitt is dying of cancer but doesn't know it (neither does Big Mama), his kids are scheming for the inheritance, one big mess of an evening
Chance Wayne wants to be with Heavenly Finley but her powerful, politically corrupt father interferes by sending Heavenly to Europe and chasing Chance out of town
His final full length play/Babe Foxworth, the world's nicest woman, is abducted by the Gideons/Billy her younger gay husband/Violent ending
Alma Winemiller is a moral girl looking for a partner/John Buchanani is licentious and wants to sleep with her/ideas swap by the end/she wants sex/he wants to settle down
Originally titled 'The Parade, or Approaching the End of a Summer'/Provincetown, Massachusetts/story of a young playwright named August dealing with unrequited homosexual love
An Italian-American widow withdraws from society after her husband dies/expects daughter to do the same/Serafina Rose
Dorothea, high school civics teacher/Sophie Gluck mourns loss of her husband/Helena is Dorothea's haughty colleague/title comes from the park where Dottie meets friend Buddy
Leona Dawson repeatedly plays Jascha Heifetz's recording of Tchaikovsky's Serenade Melancholique/lover Bill/Violet flirts with Bill and angers Leona
Composed of The Mutilated and The Gnädiges Fräulein
Kilroy/Gutman/Logic defying events/Esmeralda's virginity is restored only to be taken again
Set on Christmas eve/tells the story of two couples struggling with relationships/males are Korean war vets and suffer from post-war mental illness/things are well in the end
Mark, an alcoholic painter on the verge of breakdown/trying to invent new style in his Tokyo hotel room/goes insane/his wife Miriam seduces other men at the bar/Mark dies
Refers to the plays Something Unspoken and Suddenly Last Summer
Alternate version of 'The Two-Character Play' performed at the Ivanhoe Theatre
Val gets a job at small-town dry goods store/has affair with owner Lady whose husband is dying/is a rewriting of Battle of Angels
Part of the Slapstick Tragedy
Lot is a tubercular impotent transvestite obsessed with his dead mother/recently married Myrtle/only married her for the deed to her brother's property
Adapted from Chekhov's 'The Seagull'/play was confirmed for performance before it was ever written
Blanche DuBois is a fading Southern belle who moves in with her sister, Stella, and her husband Stanly Kowalski rapes her and has her instutionalized for a nervous breakdown
Set in Italy/Mrs. Flora Goforth catches Christopher Flanders trespassing on her estate/they talk for a long while/she dies in the end of terminal illness
Second half of the Garden District which takes place in Meridian, Louisiana, not the Garden District of New Orleans
Part of the Travelling Companion and Other Plays
Wife of a wealthy manufacturer of ammunition arrives at a resort in war torn central Europe seeking sexual misadventures

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