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Forced Order
Also try: The Dark Tower
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George is a middle-class real estate guy/lives in Zenith/member of Booster clubs/becomes disenchanted w/American Dream, goes on camping trip w/friend Paul Reisling
Martin's wife Leora dies from catching the plague/he loses all sense of direction, leaves his 2nd wife and job to have an independent science career in VT
1925-1927/Sam sells his Revelation Motor Co to retire/plans to travel Europe w/wife Fran (she wants to move to Europe)/their marriage collapses/Sam meets Edith in Venice
Senator Buzz Windrup defeats FDR in 1936 election/Windrup begins fascist crackdown (Minute Men)/Senator Trowbridge leads resistance/Windrup overthrown and civil war begins
Martin is born in fictional state Winnemac/is the only doctor in Wheatsylvania, ND/his mentor Max Gottlieb recognizes him/he must eradicate bubonic plague on a Caribbean island
Paul shoots his wife Zilla, goes to jail/George conducts affair w/client Tanis/associates w/socialists and Bohemians/his wife Myra gets appendicitis/he returns to conformity
Main character gets a congregation in Zenith/contributes to downfall or death of several people, including Minister Frank Shallard/preaches against ambition and promiscuity
Main character a college athlete who gives up on being a lawyer/becomes a Baptist minister/becomes Sharon Falconer's lover till she's killed in a fire/becomes Methodist minister/
Carol Milford marries Will Kennicott/they move to Gopher Prairie, MN/Carol is appalled by town's conservatism, tries to reform it but fails/she leaves Will, but eventually returns

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