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Forced Order
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Unfinished 9-play cycle including A Touch of the Poet & More Stately Mansions
Uses masks/Dion & Billy are sons of business partners/inherit business/fall for Margaret/she chooses Dion who dies/Billy is comforted by prostitute Cybel/Margaret loves Dion's mask
Light (Christians) & Fife (atheists) families hate each other over religious differences/Reuben L falls for Ada F/drops his relgious convictions/kills Ada & electrocutes himself
Only 2 character/long monologue by Erie Smith telling hotel night clerk Charlie Hughes how his luck went bad after past clerk died
Incomplete rough draft he didn't want published/wife published after he died/sequel to A Touch of the Poet/Harford a pawn in power battle between wife & mother/tragedy & despair
Features biblical figure raised from the dead by Jesus/declares there is no death, only God's laughter/wife Miriam is poisoned by Tiberius & he is burned at stake
Set on July 4th, 1906 w/Miller family of New London, CT/middle son 16-yr-old Richard comes of age/title comes from Khayyam's Rubiyat, one of Richard's favorite poems
Applies themes of Greek tragedy to rural New England/inspired by Phaedra/
Gen Ezra Mannon, Christine, Orin, Lavinia, & Adam Brant take roles in retelling of the Oresteia/3 parts - Homecoming, The Hunted, & The Haunted
Set in Melody's Tavern/centers on Major Cornelius Melody, a braggart, social climber, and victim of the American class system in 1828 Massachusetts
African-American Brutus kills a man, goes to prison, escapes to Caribbean island, & sets himself up as emperor/has flashbacks as he runs thru forest to escape rebellious subjects
1922 Pulitzer/4 hrs long/set on barge/former prostitute reunited w/father Chris (sailor)/falls in love w/another sailor Mat/begins at bar owned by Johnny the Priest
Sequel to Long Day's Journey/Hogan has daughter Josie seduce Tyrone so he won't evict him from farm/Tyrone leaves for NY to die from complications of alcoholism
Yank searches for belonging/works on ocean liner/daughter of rich industrialist calls him 'filthy beast'/wanders into Manhattan/feels kinship with gorilla at zoo & dies in its arms
Set in Harry Hope's Greenwich Village saloon in 1912/several men all losers w/pipe dreams wait for Hickey to come/he does but is different/admits to murdering his wife & is insane
1957 Pulitzer/one day in the life of the Tyrone family/held to be autobiographical of the author's childhood home/3 male alcoholics and a morphine addicted mother
Bound East for Cardiff/In the Zone/The Long Voyage Home/Moon of the Caribbees/set of plays about characters on fictional ship/film together as The Long Voyage Home in 1940
1928 Pulitzer/Nina Leed's fiancé is killed in WW1/turns down Marsden for Evans/aborts Evan's child b/c of insanity in his family/gets pregnant by Ned Darrell/Sam never knows
1920 Pulitzer/robert is about to go to sea w/Uncle Dick/brother Andrew looks forward to marrying Ruth, working on family farm, & starting his own family
Deals black-white intermarriage/black husband of abusive white woman who resents his skin color & destroys his promising career as a lawyer
Written to comfort wife Carlotta as their 'child' (a dog) Blemie was approaching death

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