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Forced Order
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SynopsisWorkYear/Extra Info
Set in Brooklyn in 1937 during Great Depression/Eugene Jerome (Amer.-Jewish teenager) experiences puberty & search for identity as he deals w/family1983 (semi-autobiographical)
Eugene Jerome & brother Stanley begin writing comedy/father Jack is caught cheating on mother Kate & leaves/Eugene & Stanley leave when they get great offers1986 (semi-autobiographical)
1st play/21-yr old virgin Buddy chooses 60's lifestyle like older brother & ladies' man Alan/Alan falls apart after he falls for woman & she leaves him/emptiness of playboy life1961
20-yr-old Eugene Jerome is drafted for WW2/sent to title location for basic/meets Arnold Epstein (main character/nice) - struggles for power w/Merwin Toomey (jerk)1984 (semi-autobiographical)
Newlyweds Paul & Corie Bratter live on top floor of brownstone apartment in NYC/learns to live together over 4 days/Corie want Paul to be more easy-going & perform do title event1963 (made into movie w/Jane Fonda & Robert Redford)
Jay & Arty Kurnitz move in w/grandma after mother dies/grandma is mean & owns candy store/Aunt Bella has some mental retardation/Uncle Louie is henchman for gangsters1991 (won Pulitzer in Drama)
Felix Ungar (neurotic, neat freak newswriter) is thrown out by wife & moves in w/sloppy sportswrite Oscar Madison/eventually throws him out1965 (became 70's TV show)

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