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Forced Order
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MS lawyer, Civil War vet Basil Ransom visits cousin Olive in Boston/they go to a meeting where Verena Tarrant gives a feminist speech/Verena moves in w/Olive/Basil and Verena elope
Kate Croy, Merton Densher are engaged/Milly Theale, used to like Densher, arrives in town/Milly has fatal disease/Kate tells Densher to marry Milly to get her money when she dies
Italian nobleman Prince Amerigo in London to marry Maggie Verver/Maggie friends w/ Charlotte Stant (she & Amerigo had a thing once)/Maggie's dad Adam marries Charlotte
Lambert Strether's fiance asks him to go to Paris to bring her son, Chad Newsome, back to US/Chad is in love w/Marie de Vionnet/Strether learns to love Europe, but returns to US
Amerigo and Charlotte start an affair/Maggie goes to shop and buys bowl Amerigo earlier passed on/Maggie learns about affair and gets Adam, Charlotte to move to US to end affair
Isabel Archer visits aunt in London/meets Gilbert Osmond in Florence/they marry/Isabel promises Pansy, Osmond's daughter, she'll return to Rome/goes to see dying cousin Ralph
Roderick is a sculptor/Rowland Mallet becomes his patron and brings him to Rome/Roderick is engaged to Mary Garland but likes Christina/he dies in a storm on the way to a town
Daisy meets Frederick Winterbourne in Switzerland/they go to Chateau de Chillon/W leaves her, meets her months later in Rome/Daisy now loves Giovanelli/she get Roman Fever and dies

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