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QUIZ: Can you name the works of H. G. Wells?

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Forced Order
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explosions seen on surface of Mars/Martian cylinder lands near narrators home in Woking/Martian tripods w/heat rays, black smoke destroy England
Griffin arrives at an inn in Iping/has fake pink nose/Thomas Marvel becomes his assistant-then betrays him/Griffin tells Kemp how he became invisible/mob kills Griffin
The Time Traveller travels to AD 802,701/meets lazy Eloi and has time machine stolen by mean underground Morlocks/rescues Weena from drowning/Weena dies in forest fire
London is evacuated when military fails to beat Martians/narrator hangs w/curate for a few weeks/microbes kill the Martians and narrator discovers his wife survived
Puma-Woman and Doc kill each other/Montgomery, the servant M'ling, and Sayer of the Law killed by Beast Folk/ Beast Folk revert to primitveness/Prendick returns to England
George Ponderevo helps uncle Edward sell titular patent medicine/Edward's business collapses/George tries to steal quap in West Africa/Edward dies from pneumonia
Edward Prendick survives shipwreck in Pacific/Montgomery rescues him/Doc is turning animals into humanoids/Leopard-Man eats rabbits, Prendick shoots him

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