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Forced Order
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Women of Athens plot against Euripides for his attacks on them in plays/Mnesilochus disguises himself as woman to spy for him/is captured/Euripides agrees to be nicer
Namesake convinces the women of Greece to withold sex from the men to force them to end the Pelopponesian War
Pisthetaerus convinces birds to build city in sky/gods starve b/c offerings can't reach them/he outwits gods on advise from Prometheus/is given Zeus' sceptre
Satire about Cleon being replaced by a sausage seller.
Plato accused this play of contributing to Socrates' trial and execution
Mocked Cleon and the law courts
Protagonist Dikaiopolis miraculously obtains private peace treaty with Spartans/enjoys the benefits of peace in spite of opposition from some of his fellow Athenians
Praxagora & women dress as men & convince assembly to give power to women/communist-like govt ensues/men can sleep with any women but must sleep with an ugly one before a beauty
Trygaeus miraculously ends the Pelopponesian War and marries Harvest whom he has freed from a celestial prison
Chremylos convinces Plutus to come to his home so his sight can be restored thereby insuring that wealth will only go to those who somehow deserve it.
Dionysis travels to underworld to bring back an Athenian tragedian/1st wants Euripides but chooses Asechylus instead

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